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   Chapter 464 The Surprise (Part Two)

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"I haven't been feeling well recently. I rarely come out, let alone read the newspapers,"

Cassandra bashfully remarked. Being praised by Cloris was a rarity, so she did not know how to properly respond to the unusual occurrence.

Edith stood up from her seat and went beside Cassandra, effectively disrupting her prior conversation. She prompted her daughter to give her a tour of the place before she pulled Cassandra to a corner and said, "I briefly talked to Rufus just now. I think I've changed my mind about him since even Cloris only spouted praises for him. We've both agreed to leave you both alone, I hope you'll continue being happy with him!"

The meeting with Vernon had indeed been a therapeutic one for Edith. It was her fault that she had forced her docile daughter to marry Lionel years ago, a big mistake that wasted a huge part of her youth; Edith simply did not want a repeat of history. So, as long as Cassandra was happy, she would no longer try to manipulate her decisions.

Cassandra had found a man that she loved the same way he loved her, and Edith was content in recognizing that fact.

Her child was a good lady that was worthy of living her own life, after all. If Cassandra was confident with Rufus, then she was of no position to refuse.


The beginnings of sniffles broke Cassandra's steady voice as she was overtaken with emotion. She was rendered speechless, and her mother's approval meant much more to her than anything she could have perpetually desired.

"I know, dear. I know what you're thinking right now. I've got no plans of breaking you two apart, I just wish for you to live a life full of love."

Edith's mellow gaze seemed to embrace Cassandra's trembling form. She caressed a hand to her daughter's face as the first roll of tears cascaded down her reddened cheeks. Mere phrases or sentences could not begin to describe the sheer glee Cassandra was experiencing currently.

Cloris's phone r

t's a limited edition, so Rufus had bought two for us both. How did yours break?"

Confused, Cassandra opened her own bag and found that it was in perfect condition. Unbeknownst to her, Cloris had used it as an opportunity to take a peek at the contents and immediately found the flash drive she planned to steal.

"Maybe Rufus bought you a real one and gave me the fake version!"

Her eyes lingered on the object before she forcefully pried her eyes away to flawlessly act in a childish manner.

Her conduct successfully beguiled Cassandra as she laughed in amusement to her tantrum.

"Silly! Don't worry, he would never do that. How about I ask him to return the bag for you and see what's wrong with it?"

Cassandra asked gently as if she were talking to a delicate little girl. Cloris ignored it and simply nodded in response, "Sis, how about you let me borrow your bag for the meantime? I'll return it to you after mine's repaired!"

Cloris grinned before she forcefully snatched the bag from Cassandra's hand without waiting for her permission. In an instant, she had turned it upside down, scattering its contents on a nearby table in a heap without any heed to everyone else's bewilderment.

Rufus grew rigid, his anger and coldness increasing rapidly at her apparent boorish actions.

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