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   Chapter 463 The Surprise (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-07-30 09:06

A perplexed look washed over Cassandra's expression as she stared at Rufus's expectant face.

"I just got my period two days ago. I thought you knew that?"

She huffed out a short, breathy chuckle at his ignorance, a small smile sliding across her lips in adoration.

Rufus paused as he contemplated what Cassandra had told him before. At the recollection, he visibly deflated and pouted in disappointment; his desire to have a child with his beloved remained as a pipe dream once again.

His shoulders drooped while he trudged towards her slowly. As he tucked his head on the crook of her neck, he sighed and pulled her into a tight embrace, "Cassandra, we've been together for so long, why aren't you pregnant yet? Should we find time to go to the hospital and have a check-up?"

Rufus murmured in resignation. The bitterness swelled in his heart at the thought of Cassandra not being able to bear his child.

"There's no hurry, we aren't even married yet."

A forced smile attempted to comfort her sorrowful spouse and concealed the throbbing pain Cassandra fostered inside. She did not want Rufus knowing that she had lost their offspring. It would wreck him, and she was not sure if she would ever be ready to see his grieving and broken gaze upon learning the truth. She willingly took the role of a liar as she spouted insincere words of reassurances whenever he brought up the topic.

"We can get married anytime you want!"

Rufus straightened and beamed; it had been his long wish to be wed to her, after all. He would even go as far as asking for her hand right at this moment, if he had not been consistently rejected in the past.

"No, we have to receive my mother's blessing before getting married,"

Cassandra objected softly, worrying about Edith's severe attitude towards him. She had never liked Rufus as an individual, and more so as Cassandra's significant other. Cassandra could not begin to imagine what bigger fuss her mother would likely cause over Rufus being her marriage partner.

mile at Cloris, fully aware of her participation in persuading their parent. Her sister did not look away like what she had initially presumed and even mirrored her expression with one of her own.

"Sis, I read from the reports that you're the first person to build a studio like this in G City! They all said a lot of good things about you."

Warmth flooded through Cassandra upon hearing Cloris use her past nickname of endearment. She was taken aback at the action, and could not deny the butterflies fluttering inside her stomach at the unexpected affectionate gesture.

If this meant that Cloris had thought things through and decided to make up with her, then Cassandra would be more than glad to start over.

Perhaps, it would have been a touching event to the eyes of others, but Rufus was no fool. He had been silent throughout their whole discussion as he observed Cloris through sneaking glances, full of skepticism.

The woman was an enigma, a distasteful one that acted like a thorn in his cherished one's side. She swiftly changed between acting like a good, lovely sister and stabbing her sister the second she went unsuspected from watch.

She did not deserve any of the trust her sister was willing to give her, and so Rufus kept her at the forefront of his mind just in case she would threaten to hurt Cassandra again.

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