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   Chapter 462 Were You Pregnant

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With a grumble, Arthur came in the door in frustration.

"What happened, Arthur?

Why do you look so upset?" Cloris asked, looking confused

The phone call he was on was simply too disappointing to him. There must have been something wrong.

Shooting a glance at Cloris, he opened his mouth as if he was about to say something but nothing came out.

It was Clark whom he was on the phone with. After he was told that Cassandra had gotten the Tang Group's tender from Horace, Arthur thought about what their next steps should be. If Cassandra helped the Tang Group, he had a strong feeling that Clark would lose this competition.

It just so happened that Arthur had dealt with Cassandra often in the past. From those experiences, he knew that Cassandra had the tendency to be extremely competitive and he had been defeated by her for several times already—he was rather scared of confronting her.

When Cassandra was still with Lionel, Arthur had to rack his brain about how to deal with her, doing all he could to get her into trouble. It was a great relief when he heard the news that the couple had gotten a divorce, and after Cassandra left the Tang Group, the company's business plummeted.

It was unbelievable that Horace had persuaded Cassandra to help the Tang Group. What could he do to prevent it?

Suddenly, Arthur thought of something when he noticed Cloris's presence. She was grabbing at him, concerned.

"Cloris, I think I'd better give up this bid,"

pretending to have made up his mind, he spoke firmly to Cloris.

"What? Why? Haven't you already poured so much time and effort in it?"

With eyes wide open, Cloris asked him in disbelief. Ever since she came back, Arthur had been talking about his competition with the Tang Group for a project. He had put numerous hours into it.

With a sigh, he continued, "Cloris, Cassandra is your sister.

Now that she's involved, I don't feel comfortable competing with her. I don't want this competition to influence your relationship. I want you two to get along."

He did a good job playing the part of the worried partner because Cloris believed him wholeheartedly.

"Arthur, what do you mean?" she asked, looking anxious already. "I don't understand. Why is Cassandra involved?"

His words puzzled her—why was everything about Cassandra?

"Cloris, someone just tipped me that Cassandra was helping the Tang Group revise the tender this time. And you know that when I went against your sister before, I lost. I don't want that to happen again.

I'd rather quit," he explained bitterly, irritating Cloris to the core.

"No way! You can'

h as a knock on the door. In a mild panic, Cassandra pulled out the flash drive and stuffed it into her pocket as naturally as she could manage before flashing Rufus a smile.

"What surprise?"

Recently, Rufus had been helping her with the studio and had barely spent any time at home. It was the perfect opportunity for Cassandra to stay behind and help Horace out.

But Cassandra didn't want her efforts to be wasted.

"You'll find out if you come with me," he smiled mysteriously.

It seemed that Rufus just couldn't wait to share the surprise with her. It looked like something juicy.

But Cassandra looked hesitant.

She had just asked Horace to visit her to pick up the flash drive. As a safety measure, she made sure not to connect to the internet or send the tender to Horace via email so that it wouldn't somehow get leaked.

This time, however, Rufus came back all in a sudden and it put Cassandra in a rather awkward position.

"What surprise, Rufus? Can't you just tell me? Then I can decide whether or not to go with you after I know what it's all about.

If it sounds appealing, sure.

Otherwise, I might just stay home," she explained.

Hearing that, Rufus couldn't help but look at her with a huge smile on his face. She was bargaining with him. 'It is rather impressive, ' Rufus thought.

"When did you become so lazy?

You hardly ever go out anymore," he teased her. In truth, he didn't want to bother Cassandra with the studio. After all, he could easily take care of that. But she had been acting rather strange the past few days.

Suddenly, a thought came to him.

Hesitantly, he kept the teasing tone as he asked, "Cassandra, are you pregnant? I heard that pregnant women tend to be extremely lazy."

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