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   Chapter 461 Kneel Down To Cassandra

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For the first time in their long storied life together, Jill saw Horace pleading like his life depended on it. She, who had been arrogant and unreasonable all her life suddenly started to break down.

She turned her head away as she felt the tears streaming down her face. She promptly wiped them with her hand. It was devastating to see her husband begging someone like Cassandra.

"Cassandra, I know that what I'm going to say is shameful, and I know it's probably too late, but I need to get this off my chest. I would like to apologize for everything. We have wronged you. It was only after quite some time that I realized that Ivy's miscarriage had nothing to do with you! I am sincerely sorry for blaming it all on you and even went as far as to drive you out of the Tang family. I was blinded by my anger and misjudged everything about you. I should never have accused you without even getting to the bottom of things. I just want to apologize even when we're way past that point," Jill said as she turned away.

As much as she wanted to wipe the additional tears that streamed down her face, she couldn't bring herself to do it and just let the tears flow.

Her voice was tinged with sorrow. This obviously had been weighing on her for quite some time now.

Eyes widened in disbelief, Cassandra stared at Jill. Did she hear her right? This woman was like a queen and certainly was arrogant like one. She had always treated her like a lowly servant and had never spoken to her in such a soft voice, but she just apologized to her!

"Cassandra, it's all my fault! It's all my fault! Please help us. I'm begging you! If the Tang Group goes under, we might just as well die!" Jill exclaimed, arms flailing about.

No sooner had she finished her outburst than she started to wail uncontrollably.

"Mrs. Tang, please don't do this. I would definitely help you if I could. And I've been looking for a way. But… But Rufus won't listen to me. I tried to ask him to help you several times before, but he refused me outright."

Cassandra felt helpless. Despite her will to help them, she just couldn't do it. The gap between Rufus and Tang family was just too wide. Horace was the sole reason why his mother had to suffer, unable to move as she was in a vegetative state. She had been stuck on a hospital bed, unmoving for almost a decade before she passed away. In Rufus's point of view, if Horace hadn't kicked his mother out, she would never have had to go through so much hardship that could cost her life in the end. For so many years, his hatred festered and grew. How could Cassandra even attempt to dissuade him from taking his revenge?

"I fully understand that we can't depend on Rufus right now. Remember when you were still working for the Tang Group and you competed against Arthur several times, but won almost every encounter? Can you please come back and help us with the bid this time around? Please Cassandra, you're our only hope! I hope you'll find forgiveness in your heart for what we did to you. If you help us get through this tough time, I'm willing to do anything for you!" Jill begged again, holding Cassandra by the shoulders.

She kept wailing, and suddenly sunk to the floor on her knees.

Cassandra was shocked and processed what just ha

ast approaching. Just please take care of her. Make sure she gets some rest, and don't let the baby get hurt. I have already found her the best doctor. When she comes back, she can give birth with the best medical assistance!"

The mere thought of holding his grandchild filled the old man's weary heart with exhilaration.

However, a sinister smile formed on Clark's face. 'Wow, Amanda! You're doing such an amazing job of faking your pregnancy! You've successfully fooled your idiot of a father!' he shouted deep in his heart.

Meanwhile, Amanda, who was staying at home, felt shivers creep down her spine. In no time, cold beads of sweat formed on her back.

It was a harrowing experience. These days, she always suspected that her body had some sort of problem.

Despite this, she just ignored it and absent-mindedly resumed practicing the piano.

Her fingers were dancing gracefully on the keys as she practiced a particularly complicated piece.

According to the wedding plan, she was going to play this piece for the guests at the party. Her 'injured' hands, were swiftly jumping from one key to another in perfect tempo. No trace of injury could be found at all. Furthermore, she had become even more of an expert in playing the instrument.

Since she couldn't keep Rufus by her side by resorting to pretending that she was injured, pitiful and fragile, she then decided to turn things around—by shining and standing out.

On the wedding day, she would put up her best performance. She would turn the wedding into a dream. By doing so, she would maintain her own pride!

Her pride wouldn't allow herself to be under Rufus anymore. She decided to rise above him, going as far as to humiliate Rufus for what he had done to her!

'Rufus, it's your loss for not choosing me. You're blind and foolish for choosing such an ordinary woman!

I want you to know, that I am the best woman in the world!' she exclaimed inwardly as she played her heart out.

The desire to humiliate Rufus fueled her fingers to play faster and faster. All the notes were in sync with her turbulent emotions.

At that moment, music had lost its meaning. All that was left was hatred…

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