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   Chapter 460 The Invisible War

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Cassandra was already asleep when Rufus drove her home.

As gently as he could without waking her up, Rufus scooped her into his arms and carried her out of the car. Half-awake, Cassandra got a glimpse of his face as he carried her before letting the drowsiness take over her.

In his arms, she had nothing to fear. Knowing that Rufus was with her as she fell asleep, she felt utterly secure.

As he felt her breathing turn slow and steady, Rufus gazed upon the little woman's sleeping face and smiled.

Even as he helped her out of her coat and tucked her into bed, Cassandra stayed sound asleep.

For a moment before he left, Rufus stayed to make sure she was comfortably fast asleep, a soft look in his eyes. Sure not to make a sound, he cautiously stepped out of the room before heading to his study downstairs and giving Victor a call.

"I found a few bugs in the lobby of the Qin family mansion and cleared them. They must've been from Arthur. Did you find anything?" Rufus's expression and tone were rather grim.

It seemed that his neighbor dared to monitor the Qin family for some ambitious plan.

"Recently the Dawn Star Group and Tang Group are both bidding for an important project. The Tang Group is betting everything this time. If they fail, it'll be the end of the company. No bank will bother loaning them anything because they'll have no means to pay their debts. If they're prosecuted, they'll go bankrupt,"

Victor just reported to Rufus the most recent status of Tang Group. With that, Rufus's dream of the downfall of the Tang Group was finally coming close to reality.

"Plus, Mr. Tang has been looking for you. He said that you haven't been picking up his calls so he found and asked me to arrange a meeting with you."

Upon hearing Horace's request, Rufus sneered, "He's been making phone calls to find me? Doesn't seem like anything urgent."

Of course, he wouldn't pick up Horace's calls. Since the day he left Tang Group, he had decided that he wasn't going to help Horace no matter how hard he pleaded.

Even when Charlie asked Horace to hold the fake engagement ceremony, Rufus didn't even bother to speak with him.

"It must be about the bidding event. Dawn Star is their most powerful rival, after all."

Victor's tone turned unusually strange when he said it. The change was subtle but still detectable to Rufus.

"What exactly…did he say to you?"

Rufus asked, his eyebrows furrowing.

"He… He was worried that you wouldn't be there if he came," Victor responded.

He remembered how worried and anxious Horace was when he came to him. Seeing such a pitiful look on the old man's face, Victor couldn't help but feel sympathetic.

"Mr. Luo…

How about helping them this time?" Victor carefully suggested. Unsurprisingly, it took no time for Rufus to refuse, "No! Remember, you are my subordinate. Don't ever speak for him again!"

Rufus's voice went cold as ice after hearing Victor's i

te he was in, Cassandra felt rather heartbroken. The slight disgruntlement she had toward Horace when she left the Tang family simply faded away.

After all, Horace was merely a typical businessman. It was rather understandable for such a man to be calculating in his decisions, prioritizing profit in his life.

Generally, a businessman's ultimate goal would be to acquire fame and money, after all. Although Horace had already achieved both in his life, he was defeated in recent years. Because he was already at such an old age, Arthur had the upper hand. Still, Lionel wasn't capable of matching him in the rivalry while Rufus wasn't around to help him.

Horace's thoughts went on to recall the Qin Group. If someone had helped Vernon or provided some guidance, he probably wouldn't have ended up in jail. Vernon might have still been around to offer him a helping hand—Horace blamed himself for letting the Qin Group fall.

"Cassandra, we're having a bidding event soon. You should've heard about it, right? Lionel said that he gave you the bid proposal so you can take a look. What are the chances that we'll win?" He looked at Cassandra a little too hopefully.

His eyes were desperate as he pulled on Cassandra's wrist in his eagerness.

Cassandra suddenly thought of Lionel, and a weird feeling rose in her heart.

Actually, she had thought of helping Lionel to revise the proposal. However, she later suspected that Lionel was playing a crucial role in Lyndsy's accident. Probably he was hiding from her and didn't have the courage to see her. And of course, she wouldn't actively offer her help.

After all, Lionel had done wrong. Neither did he apologize to her, nor did he take up the responsibility to pay back for what he had done to Lyndsy. From the bottom of her heart, she was reluctant to help him.

At this moment, though, when she looked at signs of ageing on the old man's face, and the wistfulness in his eyes, Cassandra vacillated.

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