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   Chapter 459 Love You For Him (Part Two)

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The moment Rufus and Cassandra drove away, Cloris's heart eased out. Rufus's suspecting attitude made her nervous. He always acted as if she was after hurting Cassandra.

But according to her, he did not know what was right and what was wrong. In reality, she was the one who always got hurt.

If she told everyone what Cassandra did to her, it would ruin her reputation. She had to keep quiet for her own sake. But for how long? One day, she would reveal who Cassandra was under the disguise.

Not after long, Cassandra and Rufus arrived at the prison where Vernon was. He was shocked to see Rufus standing by her daughter in the visiting room, but it didn't take long for him to read the situation.

While Cassandra caught up with her father, Rufus stood beside them silently with a gentle smile.

She knew she should introduce Rufus to her father first, but the way Edith had behaved early in the day made her heart twist in knots. She was afraid her father would give a similar reaction. She was simply wasting time dragging in irrelevant matters instead of talking about Rufus.

But Rufus wasn't worried. He watched Cassandra talk to Vernon and stood there without any insecurity, as if he was invisible.

"So...what are you planning to do next?" Vernon asked, worried about her future.

Cassandra had told him how Lyndsy had decided to quit the entertainment industry. Vernon was worried about her, as she had lost her job again.

Cassandra's eyes lit up. Her father's questions gave her an opportunity to change the topic.

"Rufus and I have talked about this. We're planning to run a studio together. I have decided to pursue painting and public serv

d nodded at him with a determined face.

Finally, Vernon let out a big laugh and walked away, waving goodbye.

"What did I miss? What was this secret communication between you and my father?" Cassandra asked curiously.

She raised her eyebrows at Rufus, smiling sheepishly, "Well, like you said, it's a secret; you won't understand."

Rufus tried to make it sound like a mystery, reluctant to reveal that her father had accepted him.

'Cassandra...maybe you will understand this feeling when you have kids of your own in the future. The deep love that a father gives her daughter isn't to keep her around for any selfish reasons, because he will grow old day by day and die in front of her eventually. It's in the hope that the love will forever protect his daughter...' Rufus thought to himself.

'The purest form of love a father can give her daughter is by giving her hand to another man with his sincere blessings, trusting the man to take care of his daughter for him in the future.

That was what your father meant to tell me when he patted my shoulder.

He was asking me to love you for him.'

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