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   Chapter 458 Love You For Him (Part One)

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Cassandra felt awful to see Rufus's convulsed expression. Edith had not only slighted Rufus while he was eating, but also failed to show basic hospitality at the dining table. This was in abrupt contradiction to how she had behaved when Arthur came for dinner the other day. But to her surprise, Rufus wasn't mad at her.

"I'll take you to visit my father this afternoon," Cassandra said affectionately, trying to distract herself from Edith's ill behavior before it got to her.

She put her hand on top of his, looking deep into his eyes with a wholesome smile.

Rufus looked back at her with a similar expression. Everything was understood, and no words of compensation were required.

Rufus didn't care about whether his meal was simple or extravagant. As long as he spent his time with Cassandra, nothing bothered him.

Edith stood alone in the kitchen as they ate. Listening to their hearty laughter and chatting, she couldn't help but peep through to the door to look at them.

And what she saw really surprised her. Rufus took Cassandra's bowl by his hands, scooped up some egg drop seaweed soup into it, placed the bowl in front of her carefully, and then put a white porcelain spoon on her plate, all in one go.

Cassandra looked at his swift movements with a sweet and admiring smile on her face, and then took the spoon to have some soup.

She didn't her hair today. A lock of it fell in front of her face as she bent low to drink from the bowl. Rufus reached out for the strands, cleaned them with a tissue and put them behind her ear.

Every movement he made was gentle and natural. He looked at Cassandra as if he was looking at a priceless gem.

For most part, she didn't even realize how lovingly he gazed at her. She was simply busy with her soup. Truth was, she was already used to the feeling of Rufus's body next to her. His touches, his smiles,


"Don't bother. We can walk. Anyway, it's healthier," she said, not even looking at Cassandra while she spoke.

She had decided to keep her distance from Cassandra. In such circumstances, it was impossible to share a ride with her. On top of that, she didn't want to owe anything to Rufus.

Cassandra thought it was best to back off. She looked at Cloris for an instance and then nodded in her mother's direction. Quietly, she took her leave.

"Cloris, you need to stop treating your elder sister like that. It's so rude!" Edith said as soon as they left.

She knitted her eyebrows together, frowning but her words had no effect on Cloris.

"Well, so what?" Cloris said sullenly, nonchalant.

She had already started to think of Cassandra as her enemy. In her mind, Cassandra was a woman who thought in one way and acted in another. She would never forgive her for the things she had done to her.

Seeing how stubborn Cloris was, Edith simply shook her head and heaved a sigh helplessly. It was all her fault. Edith and Vernon had spoiled Cloris which was why she turned out to be such a brat. They had completely neglected Cassandra. No wonder, Cloris learned that too from them and started to disrespect her elder sister.

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