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   Chapter 457 The Son-in-law's Visit (Part Two)

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This small moment between them was interrupted by Cloris's voice. "Mom! I'm back!"

she announced as she walked in from outside. The moment she entered, she saw Rufus and Cassandra standing side by side. The smile on her face instantly fell and it was replaced by a coldness she did not even bother to mask.

She entered the hallway with furrowed eyebrows. She moved carelessly, kicking off her shoes and stomping through the floor. She passed Cassandra and Rufus without even acknowledging them.

Cassandra didn't say anything at the display of rudeness from her younger sister. When Cloris went to the kitchen to look for her mother, Cassandra bent down and picked up the shoes that her sister kicked off on the floor and put them in their proper place by the door.

Hardly had Cloris shut the door of the kitchen when she started to complain, "Mom, why are they together again? Didn't you say that you would not allow their relationship?"

There had been plenty of times in the past when Cloris heard her mother's opposition against the relationship between Cassandra and Rufus. 'Why are they shamelessly showing up together now? And in our house, of all places, ' Clories wondered.

"I am against their relationship, but you sister is stubborn. How can I kick him out? Just treat him as a guest for now. Even strangers should be treated with good manners."

Edith's eyes remained fixed on the chopping board as she sliced the vegetables. She was so occupied with cooking that she didn't even turn her head to look at Cloris, whose face had turned dark.

"Mom, I didn't tell you this before, but the last time I was with Arthur, Rufus embarrassed me in the public. He accused me in front of so many people! Did he think that he could criticize me because he was going to be my brother-in-law? Even Cassandra, my own sister, can't do this to me!"

Remembering the scene, Cloris felt her an

wn and bit her lip. She knew that her mother did not favor Rufus, but this was unthinkably rude.

She looked at her mother's face and saw the firm lines of her face. Having been left without a choice, she took the plates to the dining room, serving the dishes with two bowls of rice.

Rufus took a look at the dishes and realized quickly what had happened. From Edith and Cloris' attitude, it did not come as a surprise to him. He knew that the best thing he could hope for from them as of the moment was indifference.

His eyes fell to Cassandra's dejected expression. So as not to embarrass her, he put on a surprised look.

"Your mom seems to be a really good cook. Even simple dishes look amazing. No wonder she was on TV for her cooking skills," he praised.

Rufus leaned closer to smell the food and continued, "There's a bit of cumin on the fried tofu. It's going to bring out the flavor. And the stir-fried cabbage with mushroom is perfectly cooked. It's not easy to control the temperature and estimate the time for cooking, but everything looks crisp. Your mom knows her stuff."

He purposely raised his voice so that Edith could hear him in the kitchen.

Upon hearing his words, a small smile slowly crept and broke out from Edith's cold face.

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