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   Chapter 453 Who’s Your First Love

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A faint, shadowy smile passed through Clark's lips. 'You foolish woman, ' he thought to himself darkly. 'To think that you would stoop this low to take revenge on Rufus. How pathetic.'

"Whatever you want. I will send the invitation to Rufus myself. He will see with his own eyes how happy you are on our wedding day,"

he promised readily in front of Charlie even as his heart was filled with contempt for Amanda.

When Clark left, Charlie turned to Amanda and urged her to return to her bedroom.

"It's late. You should go and rest. You should take care of yourself, especially now that you're pregnant." Standing up, he continued, "I'm going back to the headquarters to prepare for your wedding. Clark's hands are too full to attend to the matters of the group. I have to do whatever I can to help him."

Now that Clark was going to be his son-in-law, Charlie had begun to look out for him more. After all, he would be part of the family in just a short time now.

It was something that went exactly as Clark had planned. Charlie would be a useful piece in this little game he was playing. If he won him over to his side, Rufus would be left with no allies. And when the perfect timing came, he would strike, and Rufus would be left helpless. He was brimming with excitement at the thought of Rufus's downfall, but for now, he had to be patient.

Charlie hurriedly left after only a short stay. Amanda silently followed her father's receding figure with her eyes, biting her tongue against the words that wanted to come out.

Charlie arrived in anger, but now watching his light steps, Amanda knew that he was feeling none of his earlier animosity, all due to her decision.

A tugging feeling crept through Amanda's chest. Was it the right decision?

She began to shiver despite the heat in the room.

The coldness seeped to her bones, racking her frame with shivers. She wrapped her arms tightly around herself. She felt more isolated than ever. No one knew that she was forcing herself to do something she didn't want to. She was all alone.

"The walls should be painted with vibrant colors. Green and yellow would work the best."

"I want a relaxing feel to the room, and the furnishings should be both modern and practical."


Cassandra described her design concept in detail to Rufus, taking down notes and sketching initial plans from time to time. Rufus listened to her attentively, delighting in the way her eyes gleamed as she spoke animatedly and explained her ideas. Like this, he could watch her all day.

Cassandra's hands were steady as she drew her vision for the new studio. She wanted everything to be perfect.

Just then, the doorbell rang, halting Cassandra's words. Rufus smiled at her and said, "We have a guest. I'll go see who it is."

He stood up and went out of the study to check the monitor.

His mood instantly soured at the face on the screen. Clark was standing outside the door, waiting for his hosts.

After a short moment, the man seemed to have sensed Rufus's gaze from the other side. He smiled at the monitor, but his eyes darkened with coldness.

Rufus watched him with an equally cold stare and pressed a button to let him in.

least bit of interest in whatever Clark was up to. It had nothing to do with him. Cassandra, on the other hand, was visibly worried.

"She's still your first love," Cassandra pressed. "I hope my first love can marry a good woman. We didn't make it to marriage, but we once loved each other dearly..."

Cassandra looked wistful as she spoke, as if remembering a tender memory.

Rufus abruptly turned to her. "Your first love? Who is he?"

It was as if even the sounds of the television was drowned out as he waited for Cassandra's answer.

Cassandra shifted under the intensity of his gaze.

"Tell me. Who was your first love?"

Rufus asked again. This was the first time he heard of it, and the thought of Cassandra loving another man, even if it was in the past, put an unpleasant feeling in his chest.

Cassandra attempted to laugh off the rising tension in the atmosphere. "That had already ended a long time ago," she said.

In truth, she sensed Rufus's jealousy. It flustered her. She did not know what to say.

Her answer only seemed to rile him up even more. "Tell me who he is. When did you fall in love with each other? What's his name? What is he like? Do you still keep in touch?"

Rufus threw question after question as an uncharacteristic panic threw his head in shambles.

In the midst of all this, the realization that he knew nothing about her past dawned on him. He was filled with the sudden need to know everything.

He had investigated the Tang family, including her, when she became Lionel's wife, but all he knew about her were the photos in her file.

She was quiet and reserved in her school days, which was much different from who she was now.

That night in Rome, he didn't expect that the woman he slept with was Cassandra.

A deep frown marred Rufus handsome features at the thought that Cassandra used to love someone else.

"You're being unreasonable. I haven't asked you about what happened between you and Amanda," Cassandra said, attempting to escape his questions.

"I told you all of that even without you asking, but now you're just trying to avoid my questions."

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