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   Chapter 452 I Have His Baby

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 9689

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Clark remained soundless throughout the whole ordeal between the daughter and her father. It was only then when Amanda burst out that he went up to Charlie and asked calmly, "Mr. Ke, why do I get the feeling that you don't like me very much? Rufus doesn't want to be with Amanda, while I am the person who really wants to marry her. Why can't you sympathize with Amanda?"

Clark was visibly unsatisfied with how Charlie had treated him. He walked to Amanda and held her close by her waist.

Amanda was shocked at the maneuver. Her body shivered yet again.

Charlie was oblivious to the subtle change. He thought that the small change was due to Clark's sudden alignment with her.

He didn't have the slightest clue that Amanda had already been in bed with Clark before. He could never have imagined that Clark held compromising photos of her and used them to blackmail her. All he could do now was glare at the couple, mentally searching for the right words to say.

Up until now, Charlie had never fully understood Clark's intentions nor his dark secrets. Out of nowhere came Amanda having apparently decided to marry Clark. How could he not feel agitated?

"Clark, you go ahead. I have to talk to Amanda. Privately!"

Charlie planned to send Clark away and try to persuade Amanda in private, but how could Clark agree to such a thing?

With cold, calculated determination, he defiantly declared, "Mr. Ke, I won't go unless you give us your blessing!"

Anyone else who witnessed this display would probably believe that Clark was madly in love with Amanda. His eyes were even welling up.

Meanwhile, Amanda felt a sharp pain on her waist. Clark had pinched her. This was a non-verbal threat, and the message was received.

As Charlie was about to reply, his face fuming, Amanda suddenly kneeled down.

"Dad! Just give us your blessing! I can only be with Clark! I... I'm with child!"

All she could think about were the possible punishments that awaited her if Clark didn't get his way. Her intense fear compelled her to utter such falsehood.

For a split-second, a satisfied smile appeared on Clark's face. It was gone as soon as it appeared.

'Amanda, good that you know what to do!' he thought.

He then squatted down to help Amanda up.

"Amanda! You need to be more careful with the baby! Get up, quick!"

Clark's voice was filled with concern and his face was etched with sorry. Eyes widened, mouth agape, Charlie was surprised at the scene and started to believe her story.

"You... You two... You two have a child?" He pointed at the couple in front of him, his index finger trembling.

Barely could he hide his astonishment and excitement.

For an old man like him, it was a such a blessing to witness the making of the next generation.

Amanda was his only child. After years of searching for Rufus, her marriage was finally at hand.

His only problem

still in Clark's arms, started wailing.

"Oh, baby girl. Why are you still crying? Please stop...Keep in mind the child in your belly!"

Charlie smiled. He believed Amanda's tears to be tears of joy.

How could he ever understand the void in Amanda's heart? After going through so much, she ended up with Clark in this dilemma. She had to lie to her father about her pregnancy, and now she was going to have a marriage that would exist only within the bounds of a legal document. She believed she was the most tragic bride on the surface of the planet.

She felt utterly helpless, but the whisper that came from Clark forced her to keep her emotions in check.

"Stop crying and just pretend to agree. The crying is going way out of hand."

After Clark's sharp warning, Amanda's wails stopped completely. Charlie thought that his consolations calmed her down, so he jumped with joy.

Clark retracted his arms from Amanda's body. Her face was still wet from the tears, and Clark, in a perfect display of affection, wiped her tears off.

"Don't be sad, Amanda. Your father's right, you need to take care of the baby. Go ahead to your room and rest!"

Charlie had agreed not to interfere, which meant Clark achieved his goal and was eager to leave. There were much more important things now that this was taken care of.

Wearing a perfect smile, Charlie reminded them gently, "Okay, Amanda, get some rest. And you, as well, Clark! Don't forget the grand wedding you promised!"

He had completely accepted the marriage by this time. After all, his daughter was already with child. He never wanted to hurt his daughter again!

Clark nodded in assent and was about to turn around and leave, but suddenly, Amanda pulled him close.

Her head was downcast, and her hair covered her face like drapes on a window.

"I want Rufus and Cassandra to attend the wedding."

Amanda's voice was soft, but she was determined.

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