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   Chapter 451 Studio Rufcastle (Part Two)

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Cassandra said, softly pushing him away as she walked to the desk and continued drawing.

Painting was like therapy for her when she felt bothered. The very movement of the gentle strokes of the brush gave her immense peace.

Despite not being particularly great at painting, she put all her heart into her artwork. All her pieces were filled with emotions, which was why everyone who saw them could also relate well. Her art had touched many people.

Seeing how absorbed she was in the drawing, Rufus thought it was best not to disturb her. He took a seat in a corner and kept looking at her drawing and painting as if it was a way of survival. After what turned out to be the last stroke, she heaved a sigh and looked out of the window, admiring the view. Snow had piled up out in the compound and on top of the trees. It was beautiful.

Taking a step back, she observed the painting. She was satisfied and put the brush down in the palette.

"Are you going to name this?"

Rufus asked, as he walked toward her with his hands in his pockets. The painting was very delightful to look at. The cheerful smile of the girl in it lifted up his mood.

Cassandra tilted her head in thought, trying to think of a name.

"Deep snow,"

she answered with a grin, then etched the title on the piece and signed her name at the bottom.

"And what about the name of the studio?"

Her grin seemed contagious and pure, making him chuckle as well.


Cassandra stated confidently but Rufus didn't quite understand.

"Ru-what? What castle?"

he asked, confused. It sounded like a made-up word.

Cassandra grabbed a pen from the pen-stand and wrote on a clean piece of paper:


She acted with persistence and a slice of anger.

"If you had allowed me to continue my relationship with Rufus when we were younger, I would never have had to use all these tricks to make him engage with me, and he would never have abandoned me the way he did. We were meant to be together then, Dad, and you tore us apart! If you hadn't, we would've eventually gotten married without any complications. I would've been his wife! How can you question me this way about my decisions when you never took into account my feelings and when you made yours? Tell me, Dad! Who do you think you are? I am so tired of being controlled by other people..."

Years of neglecting herself had resulted into an accumulation of a lot of resentful feelings. Now that she was finally confronting her father, tears trickled down her face in reveries. Due to the threat of the photos that couldn't be revealed, she had no fear of her father anymore!

Clark was the ruler of the Dark Night Group. Even though Charlie had been in the group for much longer than Clark, he was still his subordinate. There was no way he could offer her complete protection.

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