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   Chapter 450 Studio Rufcastle (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-07-26 00:12

"To do… What I'm really keen to do…"

Cassandra repeated, glancing at Rufus, then diverted her gaze to the painting she was making. Thousands of thoughts flashed through her mind at the same time.

But what was it that she was keen to do, anyway? In fact, she had never truly taken time to ponder over this.

It seemed like she had always been struggling for something or the other. Currently, her life was fulfilled and busy, but was she truly interested in doing what she was doing?

Rufus caught Cassandra lost deeply in thoughts. It made him sad to spot her looking so gloomy.

His hands reached out for hers. He caressed them gently.

"Cassandra, you have me. You don't have to worry about anything, a place to stay, food or shelter. The only thing you should be concerned about is whatever it is you love to do. Just pursue what you actually enjoy doing. Sometimes, even though we put in all our efforts, we don't get the results we are craving for. Since we don't really have full control on the final result, we should rather focus on enjoying the process itself, don't you think? Just keep doing your thing with as much effort you can put in, and take it easy."

Rufus's hands slid up her to her face. Her face was so bony, that it felt like it was sculpted out of stone. There was barely any flesh on it. Her smooth skin was long gone, replaced by wrinkles around her eyes and mouth.

This past year, Cassandra had suffered unbearably. Of course, Rufus was fully aware of it.

His words pushed Cassandra into an even deeper worry.

'He is right. I have been working hard for so many things throughout my life. But have they ever yielded i

andra to pursue whatever she desired in life. He persuaded himself too that he should never limit her to the responsibilities of the house, doing the bland chores and serving him without having any aspirations of her own. But he wasn't sure of himself. He knew deep down, he was still a male chauvinist, which made him want to keep her at home at all times. He despised this, but it was something that was in his blood.

Sometimes, he wished she could play cute and remain a docile woman who would rely on him for everything.

Right now, Cassandra was in the position of becoming that submissive woman that Rufus had dreamed of, even though it was highly unlikely. Part of him felt overjoyed at the very chance of it.

"Then… Can you lend me the place you bought from Lyndsy? I want to have a studio of my own."

Cassandra thought of the house that they didn't know how to deal with, and somehow an idea started to emerge in her mind.

"No problem! You have my support in whatever you want to do."

Rufus was elated to hear that.

"Thank you, Rufus. Also, I want to finish this painting now..."

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