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   Chapter 447 The Winner Takes All (Part Two)

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"Don't worry, I'm here. I'll do everything in my power to help you," he whispered softly into her ears.

His embrace was warm, melting away the ice Cassandra felt both physically and mentally from the whole ordeal. Cassandra looked up into his eyes, lost in the tenderness he was giving.

Across town, Ivy had a bright smile on her face. "Here is the document you asked,"

she said, handing over the flash drive she obtained from Adrian to Clark, and Clark's face lit up with excitement.

"Ivy, I cannot believe you took this risk for us. I don't know what to say."

He seemed truly touched by the gesture. Ivy gave a sigh of relief, her uneasy heart finally feeling more settled.

"No, don't worry about it. You know I'd do anything for you."

It should make hay while the sun shines. Ivy hurriedly expressed her attitude toward him.

"Did you get Joel to help you out? Did he get caught?" Clark inquired.

Joel was working in the Tang Group and Clark knew that it was a very convenient connection to have.

Ivy hesitated for a second. It hadn't been Joel who helped her but she wasn't about to tell Clark that it was Adrian who had stepped in and stole it from Lionel.

"He was careful and I don't believe anyone saw him."

Technically, she wasn't lying and what Clark didn't know would not kill him.

And he was none the wiser, as she expected.

"Joel probably won't go far in the Tang Group and when it all comes to an end, he'll be a great fit for the Dawn Star Group. I'll tell Arthur to find a proper position. And he won't be bullied like he was over at the Tang Group."

Ivy was a little taken aback

t his watch. Calculating the time difference, he decided to call Charlie and update him.

A low voice greeted him after a few rings, a little impatience coming through the line.

"We're all waiting for you back at headquarters, Clark. When will you be back?"

The old man felt like a broken record. Despite being asked a hundred times to show up in person, Clark always insisted on videoconferencing every time.

"Mr. Ke, I assure you, it is not my fault this time. I'm about to propose and it really means a lot to me that I get this right."

Clark couldn't help but crack a mischievous smile. He looked out at the dark sky outside, narrowing his eyes to see the distance, like a predator looking for its prey.

"Propose? Who are you proposing to?"

Charlie couldn't believe his ears. What on earth was Clark going on about?

"Didn't you hear, Uncle Charlie. I thought for sure Amanda would have told you. I'm madly in love with Amanda and I want to ask her to marry me!"

The wicked smile on his lips lingered and the malice in his eyes could freeze anyone he looked at.

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