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   Chapter 445 You Owe Her An Apology

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 9363

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Joel was stunned to see the beautiful woman standing before him. Transfixed by her twinkling eyes, distant memories began to flood back to him.

Trying to hide the mild panic in his eyes, a name slipped out of his lips.


His voice was so high that it drew inquisitive eyes from around the restaurant.

Cloris also averted her eyes towards the commotion with curiosity. She caught Whitney hurrying to Courtney's side, looking at the man with bewilderment.

"What's going on there?"

Arthur asked. He brought his glance back from the strange man to Cloris in front of him, who did not look like her usual self.

"Nothing. Don't worry about them. Let's just finish our meal. We're still going to the movies afterwards, right?"

Whitney's words from before were still running through Cloris's mind. She did not dare meddle in whatever drama was unfolding, mindful of Courtney's current mental state.

"Of course. We should be just in time when we finish this meal,"

Arthur replied, smiling at Cloris and putting the commotion across the restaurant to the back of his mind.

Courtney's eyes were stunned wide open, and her face began to contort in anguish, conjuring up some grievous memory. She felt her mother's arms come around her. As her mother, Whitney's maternal instinct was to protect her as the symptoms of her illness started to show.

"Come on, Courtney. Let's head home,"

Whitney said, with agitation straining her voice. She feared what would happen if Courtney had a relapse in her mental disorder in the middle of this restaurant.

With a sudden and forceful push that even surprised Whitney, Courtney wriggled out of her grip. She stood, glowering with rage at the man.

"You promised you would be beside me for the rest of our lives. You promised me! Why did you lie?"

Courtney shouted, tears falling down her cheeks and clouding her vision.

Joel was lost for words, dumbstruck at the outburst. He knew he had taken advantage of Courtney, cheating her out of her money the moment he found out she was the daughter of a very wealthy family. He had always had the reputation for skirt-chasing but never thought he would have to face up to his past actions like this.

"Courtney, calm down. Just forget about him and let's head home, okay?"

Whitney was so focused on getting Courtney out of this situation and back home to take her medication. 'Maybe I should've brought the doctor around too, ' she thought, leaving no space to even ponder whether Joel was the man who had hurt Courtney so badly back in the day.

Whitney grabbed onto her daughter tighter but Courtney did not budge, nor did her hateful stare waver from Joel.

"You lied! You cheated! You are a liar!"

Courtney continued to yell. The people in the restaurant could n


"You saw what happened when she just saw you now. You both owe her an apology, if I may say so myself,"

Cassandra said, gesturing to Joel who had been there dazing silently.

Casting her eyes over to Joel, she couldn't help but wonder how the guy had been acquitted so quickly. Courtney hadn't even had a chance to process what he had done to her.

"Cassandra, who do you think you are? Are you my sister or hers? Or are you just playing along so Mrs. Zheng would adopt you and you could get your hands on their money? You do as you please but don't bring me into it and force me to butter them up, just for your own sake,"

Cloris retorted bitterly.

"Watch your language, Cloris."

Cassandra's face tightened into a scowl. She couldn't help but feel the pang in her heart from her sister's words.

"Then don't listen to me if you don't want to hear what I have to say. What makes you think that you can boss me around and compel me to do something I don't want to do? You're not my mother. Mind your own business!"

Cloris snapped back, rage filling her eyes. She'd always thought Cassandra was vile and hypercritical by nature and this just proved her right again.

"Cloris, I don't understand what you have against me. I don't know what I have done wrong to deserve this,"

Cassandra scolded, feeling so hurt by her own sister's words. She'd always tried to be there for Cloris, paying the tuition and expenses for her while going through a financially difficult time herself. She never imagined that she'd be repaid so cruelly.

With a sneer, Cloris continued, "Don't you act so innocent and noble, Cassandra. You make me sick with what you've done. You count your lucky stars that I don't have any evidence against you right now or you would have another thing coming."

In a threatening tone, her voice dripped with malice.

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