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   Chapter 442 All Yours (Part Two)

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"Since I have become an actress, you all have always cared about me and supported me, and I really appreciate it," she began in the video. "What's more, my family and friends have always been by my side, looking after me, and offering words of comfort and encouragement even after the accident. I cannot describe how grateful I am. I will never be able to return your kindness," Lyndsy paused for a moment before continuing, her voice turning more serious. "However, I know that I'm an actress, and I take pride in my job. I know that my profession exists to show the beautiful side of things, which I'm afraid that I may fail to do in the future. And so I have decided," she paused again, her face conflicted. "My dear friends, I know it's sudden, but please forgive me. I will be leaving the entertainment industry from this day. I will always be thankful for the chance I was given, but even good things must come to an end, and I'm afraid that this is where I stop. Thank you all for being with me this whole time. Good-bye." With that, the screen had cut to black, but Cassandra's eyes remained glued to her screen, as if waiting for something else.

The video was short, but it had caused quite a sensation. There was an outpouring of comments from the viewers.

Cassandra was stunned. It took her quite a while to come back to her senses.

'Now it made sense why Lyndsy wouldn't let me go along when she left," she thought bitterly. 'She must have already made up her mind at that time."

Come to think of it, Lyndsy must have fallen into depression after finishing that movie. The outgoing, care-free movie star was gone, and it was as if there was only a shell where the real Lyndsy had used to be. She had been more withdrawn and kept to herself, not contacting even her closest friends. Cassandra had first thought that it was because she needed time and space to recover from the accident. How could she have missed it? There was nothing she could do now. There was nothing she had done for her from the very beginning but gave her trouble, and now Lyndsy h

m deeply. He wanted nothing more at that moment than to take her hurt away.

But Rufus did not completely understand. It took one look and Cassandra knew that he did not truly know what was paining her.

It was not Lyndsy's decision to quit that anguished her so much. She would have supported her if it was truly something she had personally decided on. But she knew that it was not completely the case.

It was her fault. The thought gnawed at her insides, tearing at every fiber of her being. 'The popular and shining Lyndsy, who had been noted as the most promising actress in the country, fell victim to my own circumstances. I dragged her there. I took her future. And yet here I am, safe and unscathed when she has to give up the thing she loves the most, ' Cassandra's thoughts echoed, haunting every corner of her mind. There was nothing but guilt inside her.

Cassandra's silence only pained Rufus even more. He knew there were things she was not telling him—things that were still weighing heavily in her mind. But he held back from asking. If she wanted to, she would be the one telling him, even without his questions.

So instead, he offered her his own comfort and told her of what he had secretly done. He buried his face in her neck and said softly, "I've bought this place, Cassandra, and now I give it to you as a gift. Use it in any way you like, okay?"

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