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   Chapter 441 All Yours (Part One)

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Cassandra stared fixedly at Lionel. She read his every expression, and did not miss the slightest movement he made.

Lionel started to fidget under her scrutiny. He had let it slip in his panic and was now unable to think of anything to cover it up. He knew that Cassandra would definitely investigate into it since her suspicions had been aroused. Cold sweat began to crawl on his skin as he thought of the possible repercussions.

"Sorry, but I have to go now!"

Upon being cornered by his own devices, Lionel opted to escape. He sprang up and walked out the door quickly without even looking back.

Cassandra made no move to follow him, but Lionel knew he was being watched. It was as if her gaze burned upon his back.

Once inside his car, he fumbled for his keys and started the engine, out of breath. He clutched the steering wheel as if his life depended on it and sped away. It was only when he was far enough away that he allowed himself to let go of a long-held breath. He took deep lungfuls of air and slumped in his seat, perspiration glittering on his forehead.

He was not one to cower in the presence of a mere woman—not a single one of them had managed to shake his composure, but this time was very different. He had been careless, his own guilt had driven him up a wall.

There was much effort put into the whole thing. He had approached the action director in Lyndsy's crew and won him over with bribery. What happened after was all too easy. Upon his request, the director tampered with her safety wires, which staged the perfect accident and led to the closing of her studio. Once that happened, Cassandra lost her job.

Everything he did was to get her to go back to the Tang Group, even if it was through underhanded means.

But even after all of that, she still refused him firmly—something that was completely beyond his expectations. In the end, he got more kicks than halfpence. He felt like she had played him for a fool.

At this thought, he boiled with anger. He smashed his fist on the steering wheel in frustration. 'You are such a hard nut to crack, Cassandra, ' he th

g she had just heard.

A boxful of documents lay in front of her, the papers inside devoid of any meaning. It was the only thing left of what used to be Lyndsy's. Removed them and this office would be Lyndsy's no more.

A ring broke through her rueful contemplation. Cassandra almost jumped up from surprise as she was jolted back to reality at the sound. She picked up the phone hurriedly. Stella's voice sounded from the other side.

"Cassandra, where are you now?" she spoke in quick words. "Go and check the news on the internet. Do it now! It's Lyndsy. She...err, she has posted a video declaring that she would be quitting the entertainment industry!"

Stella's words came out in an almost indistinguishable flurry of sounds, but it was as if a bomb dropped on Cassandra. Her blood froze, unable to believe what she had just heard.

Doing her best to collect herself, she hastily took her cell phone even as her head throbbed with confusion and disbelief. The device trembled in her hands, and it took her several attempts to even unlock it. Just as Stella had instructed, she browsed the news and found that Lyndsy's self-made video had made the headlines of the entertainment news.

Lyndsy was wearing light make-up in the video, with only three quarters of her face visible. She was deliberately hiding her wounds. Cassandra proceeded to play the video and Lyndsy's voice reached her ears.

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