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   Chapter 440 Did You Do It Or Not

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Amidst the sound of jet engines roaring overhead coupled with the pleasant voice of the airport intercom announcing the next flight, Cassandra bid Lyndsy farewell.

Cassandra wanted so badly to go with her, but Lyndsy refused, insisting that she should go alone. Given the circumstances, Cassandra had no choice but respect her decision.

Fortunately, Rufus had already arranged for the best doctor and medical care that money could buy, so Cassandra believed everything would be alright.

"Lyndsy, I'm always here whenever you have a problem,"

Cassandra said. A strange gut feeling made her uneasy, she choked back her words as she repeatedly asked Lyndsy if she would be okay.

"Cassandra, don't say that you'll wait for me, okay? Go and work at the TY Group since Stella had already gone there. I'm worried about you because you're the only one working at the office now,"

Lyndsy held Cassandra's hand firmly and consoled her. She felt utterly sad seeing Cassandra's concerned look.

"Stop overthinking. You're still my boss unless you call a press conference and tell everyone that you're leaving the industry forever!"

Cassandra refused to let Lyndsy get too stressed. The most important thing right now was for her to acclimate herself to the treatment.

Lyndsy's body turned rigid for a moment, but soon went back to normal, and a smile formed on her lips.

"I'm so lucky to have known you, Cassandra. You're the best girl I have ever met! You're generous, kindhearted, strong, independent and above all, responsible..."

Cassandra interjected before she could finish, "Wait, wait, stop. Lyndsy, you're my boss. Why would you flatter me like that? More of that and I might just turn arrogant!"

Cassandra teased Lyndsy with a lighthearted smile, but she was actually deeply touched.

She felt that Lyndsy understood her on a personal level. Their mutual trust for each other relieved her.

"Cassandra, please, please take care of yourself. Always aim for your own happiness!"

Without warning, Lyndsy reached out and embraced Cassandra tightly as she whispered into her ear.

"Don't worry, Lyndsy, I will. You be well, and brave the treatment. Don't ever falter,"

Cassandra replied as she returned the embrace and stroked her back softly. She felt a twinge of sadness in her heart.

She felt extremely guilty because she still hadn't figured out who set Lyndsy up.

The two girls were actually bidding farewell as if they would never see each other again. This made Cassandra feel utterly empty.

When they went their separate ways, she felt a little lost, wandering about not knowing where to go exactly.

Cassandra got lost in the thought, pondering on what to do with Lyndy's things. She t

he could finish his sentence.

"That's true. The studio is gone, but that doesn't automatically mean I'm going back. I still have other choices. That's just it. Now if you may excuse me, I've got other things to do,"

Cassandra said as she was standing up, preparing to leave, which irritated Lionel to no end.

"What do you mean, Cassandra? Are you taking me for a fool?"

Lionel said, his face contorting to anger.

"Me? Playing you? What did I do?"

Cassandra looked at Lionel quizzically.

"You've said that you would, but now you won't admit it. I even went to the trouble of…"

Suddenly Lionel realized something and stopped in his tracks.

Cassandra went rigid as she was overtly sensitive about this.

"What trouble?"

Cassandra asked, looking at Lionel with confusion; while Lionel coughed and pretended to be choking on something.

"No… It's nothing. You can leave now. I… I need to go back to the office. I left some unfinished business…"

Lionel was completely incoherent, mumbling about something. He couldn't take back what he just said.

"Lionel, did you have something to do with Lyndsy's accident?" Cassandra asked straight up.

She had always had her doubts about Lionel, which were growing stronger and stronger. Now it was too big to ignore.

"No! No! How can it ever be related to me?"

Lionel denied vehemently. His eyes were turning frantic and he couldn't even look at Cassandra in the eyes.

She knew Lionel well, even though she never got along well with him.

Lionel only wanted her back at the Tang Group, but she had declared her condition of never going back unless Lyndsy's studio was gone. He did what had to be done for the good of the company.

Cassandra's hands started to quiver when she thought of this.

"Lionel, answer me. Did you do it or not?"

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