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   Chapter 439 Loyalty

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Ivy held on desperately to Clark. As of that moment, she deemed that playing pitiful was her best option as she stalled for time and frantically thought of a way out and to clear her name.

Her thoughts were halted with what Clark said next. "Ivy, if you really want to prove your loyalty, then there is one thing you can do."

His words were like an oasis. Finally, there was something she could do.

"What is it, Clark? I swear I'll do anything for you," she said, raising her head to him.

There was a hopeful light gleaming in her eyes.

"Tang Group's bid proposal,"

Clark uttered, drawing out the syllables slowly, as if savoring them. Ivy paled at his words.

The bid proposal!

That meant she would have to steal it.

Her heart raced wildly in her chest as her mind swirled in a whirlpool of thoughts.

Her arms hung stiffly around Clark, then as if on instinct, she retreated one step back from him.

Clark was quick to pick up her hesitation. Sighing, he spoke with a self-mocking look on his face, "I'm sorry. You're right. It's stupid. There's no way you would agree to do such a thing. It would be too dangerous."

His eyes never left her as he observed her face for any sign of reaction.

He was right. What he was asking of her was too dangerous. If she made even one single mistake and got caught, she would end up in prison. She looked at Clark, who was looking exhausted. If she didn't do it, he would not be taking her back, and all her hard work from before would have been all for nothing.

Clark raised a hand to his forehead, putting on an air of tiredness, as if he was clearing his thoughts.

"You should go now. I need to think about things. I'm too tired."

After weighing her options, Ivy had come to a conclusion.

"I'll do it," she said.

Resolve was written on her face. 'If it's just stealing the bid proposal, I won't have to do it myself. There are plenty of others who will do the job for the right price, ' she thought, already forming her plans.

'As long as I can get it for him, then everything's going to be alright. I can win him back with this, and he would not doubt me anymore.'

Looking into Clark's eyes, she could almost see the future she wanted. She was so close. If she could marry him, then she wouldn't have to worry about anything in her life ever again.

Clark seemed to be surprised at her answer, but his expression soon turned into doubt.

"Ivy, this is really dangerous, and not to mention…unethical. Should we just give it up?"

Clark sounded guilty, but his hesitation only served to fuel Ivy's determination instead.

"No, I want to do it!" she said, taking his hand in hers. "Clark, I will prove to you that you can trust me."

She looked into his eyes as she made her promise.

With a final squeeze of his hand, she turned and walked out of the room. Once the door closed, Clark's face broke into an unrestrained, menacing smile.

This bid was the only hope left for Tang Group. If they lost it, they would virtually be left with nothing.

On the other hand, it could also be an opportunity for them to get back on t

be involved, she would have nobody to count on if she lost.

"No, no, no! I won't tell him!"

Adrian said anxiously and held the bag even tighter, as if he was afraid that Ivy would take the money back.

"Where is the bid proposal? Tell me what you know,"

he said, diverting the conversation to the plan.

"It's in the safe in the CEO's office," Ivy replied.

The safe was the only place the proposal could be in. Where else could such an important document be kept?

"Alright. I got it. I'll think of some way to get it,"

Adrian said, satisfied with the information he just received.

"If anything happens, do not reveal my name. Otherwise I'll kill you!"

Ivy threatened. This man was sly. She had to be careful.

"Then if I get caught, are you going to save me?"

he said with a playful smile. Her threats had no effects on him.

"Rest assured. Someone is going to save you. I could even take Joel out of jail. It wouldn't be hard to get you out,"

she assured him. For now, this should be enough to win his trust.

"I knew you wouldn't let me suffer!"

he exclaimed as he reached out to her. His hands started to find their way onto Ivy's body, which she abruptly slapped away. The pain from the impact made him cry out and wince.

"Why do women change so easily? You won't even allow me to touch you now."

There was nothing more tempting than something that was already in front of one's eyes—the woman sitting on the couch with her perfect curves all laid out in front of him. But there was nothing he could do with her continuous rejection.

"Hurry! Think of what you need to do and don't even think about getting your hands on me!"

Ivy answered, getting up to rush him, irritation showing in her face.

"Alright! As you wish. I'll go now."

Clutching the bag, he smiled contentedly and walked out.

After he closed the door, Ivy slumped down onto the couch like a deflated balloon. Relief washed over her as she thought back to what had just happened.

Finally, everything was handled. All that was left to do now was wait.

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