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   Chapter 438 An Anonymous Letter

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When Ivy handed Amanda her resignation letter, Amanda didn't bat an eyelid and signed it immediately.

"Ivy, please work hard for Mr. Ji,"

she told her, looking strangely relieved, as if she had unloaded some kind of burden.

Amanda had agreed almost instantly when Clark said that he wanted Ivy to work for him.

The last time he insulted her in the office, it was because of her own slip up. She made a mistake, which cost her terribly. Cassandra and Rufus were able to make up, throwing out that little space Clark had to carve for himself in Cassandra's life.

Now, another very willing woman had appeared to take her place as Clark's scapegoat. Amanda wondered if she felt pity for the other girl, but found that in her heart, there was only a twisted sense of relief. She knew better than anyone what it meant to be Clark's woman, and there was nothing she wanted more than to rid herself of him, even if that meant another woman was going to be what she used to be.

On her end, Ivy also felt relief. She had thought that there might be problems, but she was pleasantly surprised at how smooth-sailing things had gone.

Once again, Amanda's relieved expression came to her mind. It was indeed strange. Why did she look so relieved when Clark was taking another woman with him? Was there no love between them? Was their connection nothing more than matters of the flesh?

Ivy was puzzled, but her questions disappeared as quickly as they had come. She had better fix her attention elsewhere. Now that she was going to be around Clark day and night in the future, she could not help but feel excited at her prospects.

Oddly enough, however, Clark did not assign any work to Ivy, but only allowed her to take unlimited vacations. Ivy was either relaxing at a beauty salon, shopping at a mall, or doing yoga at home. Despite her carefree lifestyle, she had put in a bit of restrain and did not go out to have fun as often, thinking that Clark might call her for work anytime. Like a faithful dog, she jumped to her phone at the first ring, but no calls had come from him.

Clark just invited her to dinner from time to time, took her out to various high-end clubs, but all-in-all, he remained ambiguous towards her.

Every time Ivy would get her hopes up, Clark would take things a step back and distance himself, not calling until after a few days. He had even never entered her apartment.

What was his deal? Ivy beat her brains in frustration. She had no idea what that man was thinking. What did he want from her? Was it sex?

But he had never touched her either. He had only looked at her seductively, leaving her in confusion between the contradiction with his words and actions.

Even when she tried to take the lead and suggested they go to his house, Clark was quick to decline her. However, he was very generous. He would shower her with expensive gifts without so much as a blink.

It was like his mind was a maze, and Ivy had lost herself trying to find a way out.

One day, just as she was relaxing at home with a face mask on, the phone rang. Ivy was on her feet in a spl

the ladder and found a new man, and his competitor at that. Feeling resentful, he must have sent that letter to try and destroy the relationship between her and Clark!

Cold sweat coated Ivy's palms as her brain raced with her thoughts. Gathering herself as best as she could, she tried to defend herself, "Clark, he is slandering me! He can't deal with the fact that I have moved on and that I am in a better place now!"

She had finally managed to build a relationship with Clark. She was almost there. Just a little more and her dream life would be within her reach. She would not let Lionel destroy it.

"But Ivy, I know that you did meet with him after your breakup."

Clark turned around and stared at Ivy with cold, piercing eyes.

Ivy trembled under the chill of his scrutiny. The man standing in front of her was suddenly a stranger, completely different from the Clark she knew. Was he beginning to distrust her? Was he going to throw her away now?

"Please believe me," she begged. "I have nothing to do with him."

Ivy stepped forward and grabbed Clark's arm. Tears flowed from her eyes and she began to whimper.

"How can I trust you now? I want to believe you, too, but... The truth is the truth."

Clark's voice had remained distant. He stared at Ivy with a pained look on his face.

Ivy kept searching for solutions in her mind. How could she make Clark believe her?

"He is my competitor. I know that his ego must have been bruised when he saw you with me. I don't care that you were with him before, but this..."

Clark looked devastated, which made Ivy even more anxious.

"Clark, please. I'll do anything. Please tell me what I have to do to make you believe me!"

Ivy plunged herself into Clark's arms, clinging to his body and crying out.

"I just want to be with you, Clark! I really have nothing to do with him!"

Devastated, Ivy continued crying and pleading with trembling arms.

Disgust was written on Clark's face as he looked down at the quivering woman on him. Pathetic. He wanted to push her away, but held back.

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