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   Chapter 436 A Woman's Loyalty (Part One)

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Arthur pulled over his car and got off. With a bright smile, he walked up to Edith and took the suitcase from her hand, then proceeded to put it in the trunk of his car.

"Mrs. Qin, I will be driving you back!"

Arthur told her, his smile never leaving his face. Edith just couldn't help but be fond of this handsome young man.

To her mind, men like Clark and Arthur were by far much better than Rufus. They were always cordial and polite, and they always had sunny dispositions. Rufus, however, was nothing like them. He constantly kept a straight face, distancing himself from others. That included Edith. She did not like him one bit.

Returning Arthur's smile, she entered his car and they drove all the way back to the Qin family villa. Cassandra had already made preparations and sent someone to handle the housekeeping. Everything was all set. The floors gleamed and the windows let in the a fresh breeze, as if to welcome its occupants.

Arthur helped them carry their suitcases into the house. With wary eyes, he looked around. Finding the room empty with no sign of anyone coming, he quickly put a bug under the tea table in the big living room with an inconspicuous flick of his hand.

After having done that, he crossed one end of the living room to the other, planting more bugs at hidden places that nobody would ever notice. No conversation in the room would be made secret to him.

The reasoning behind his action was simple: Clark had told him to do it, and he obliged. Driving the Qins back home was the perfect opportunity to carry out the plan. Originally, Clark planned to do it himself, but Cassandra had been adamant on refusing his assistance, making up whatever ridiculous excuse she could to keep her distance from him.

This was where Arthur stepped in. He had promised to Clark that he would make sure to bug the house of the Qin family so he could keep an ear out for Edith and her daughters.

'Oh my precious Cassandra. Did you really think that moving out of my villa would let you escape me? You are simply too naive!' Cl

ined sweet and innocent in front of her boyfriend.

"You're so silly," Arthur shook his head fondly at Cloris. "What are you talking about? I was only being polite to your sister."

He reached out and gently pinched Cloris's cheek. The affection she saw in his eyes put her at ease. But still, she didn't like Cassandra getting too close.

"I don't care! You can't smile at her, and you can't be in a room with her alone!"

Childishly, Cloris put out her pinky to Arthur in the manner of making a promise.

Arthur chuckled at her, but relented. He held out his little finger and hooked it with Cloris's with a smile on his face. After that, he started to unpack Cloris's things from suitcase in the room.

Seeing Arthur move around her room to help her sort her things made Cloris feel warm and cherished. Here he was, taking his own time to help and stay with her. Affection flooded her heart as she watched him put her things on the shelves.

'Arthur, you are mine. I will never let you be taken away by anyone, especially that woman!' she swore to herself.

Arthur, who had his back turned to Cloris, was going through the mindless task of arranging her things. Cloris could not see the thoughtful look on his face as he tried to arrive to his own conclusions. His eyes were cold and calculating as he thought of the earlier conversation between the sisters.

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