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   Chapter 435 The Evil Man, Unescapable

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Ivy's eyes went straight to Amanda's disheveled clothes. At once, she had an inkling that something had happened in this office.

But she asked no questions. Taking her eyes off Amanda's clothes, she gave her a smile and said, "The project is going on as planned. Don't worry."

A practiced smile remained plastered in her face but her eyes wandered, scouring the whole room for any clues.

Amanda's appearance had always been so impeccable—from head to toe, that she would be seen with rumpled clothes was abnormal.

Her gaze landed on Amanda's desk. Like the rest of her, it was usually neat and well-organized; however, today was a different case. A large area was left vacant and on one end were files strewn in a disarray, as if someone had swept over the table carelessly and left everything at its edge.

It was indeed very strange.

She took a look at Clark next. At first glance, he looked to be the same as he always was, save for the slight wrinkles on his shirt. Ivy's eyes did not miss the way it was haphazardly tucked into his pants.

Ivy came face-to-face with an appalling possibility as she pieced everything together. Even she herself could not believe it.

Did they make love in this room just now?

At once, Ivy's senses recognized the telltale scent of sex that lingered in the air.

With Ivy in the room, Amanda went through the report slowly. She could have sent her away and checked the file later, but she didn't want to stay with Clark alone in her office. Ivy's presence was godsend, and she had her waiting there as she proceeded to business.

The longer Ivy stayed inside the room, the more abnormalities she found.

With all the clues she picked up, she was able to deduce that Amanda and Clark had some special relationship. They were more than 'friends.'

No friends would make love in an office.

Her heart sank at the realization. She had planned to seduce Clark, one of the richest bachelors in the G City, and take him for herself. Nothing could have prepared her for this.

And Amanda. That bitch! Hadn't she been running around and professing her love for Rufus? And yet, here she was, hooking up with Clark secretly. What a slut!

No wonder Clark ignored her own advances. He had already been sleeping with Amanda.

A feeling of hate spiked through Ivy's chest. Her eyes narrowed on Amanda. Why did this bitch always compete against her?

On the outside, she remained calm and collected as Amanda checked the file, but she cursed the woman in her head repeatedly. Clark, on the other hand, lingered nonchalantly, showing no intention of leaving at all.

Amanda felt suffocated as his presence loomed over them. Forcing a smile, she turned to Clark and said, "Clark, I still have things to discuss with Ivy. It'll take a long time. Why don't you go back for now?"

Amanda fought against her trembling legs and was about to walk to the door when Clark answered her.

"Oh, no. I don't have anything urgent to deal with as of the moment. I'll wait for you here. Let's have dinner later. It's on me,"

Clark smiled at her as he spoke, but his eyes glinted with malice.

Seeing Amanda cower in front of him gave him a rush. It felt so good to conquer a woman. He had been hav


Edith prattled on, her voice laced with worry. She was desperate to see Cassandra be with a good man instead of wasting her time on Rufus. It would bring her peace to know that her daughter was being taken care of by a reliable man.

"Look at Cloris! Her boyfriend is perfect! He is polite and is handsome too. What's more, he loves her so much! They broke up once, but he came back to her!"

Cassandra decided to just bear with her mother's nagging. It was typical of older people to be anxious over the younger ones.

"Please, pay more attention to yourself. You are not getting any younger, and I am worried about you. You are the eldest. You can't be married later than your younger sister!"

As Edith continued on, Cloris, who had been standing beside her, became upset.

"Mother, what are you talking about? Wasn't she married once? Even if I marry now, I would be still married later than her! And by which law does it have to be that a younger sister has to marry later than her elder sister?"

Cloris pouted. She was a bit angry.

She wanted to marry Arthur as early as possible. There was no way she would allow Cassandra's being single to be a barrier on her way to be Arthur's legal wife.

After all, her sister was a complete tragedy.

She married Lionel, and then they divorced.

She dated Rufus, and then they broke up.

She took charge of Qin Group, and then the company went bankrupt.

She worked in Lyndsy's company, and then Lyndsy had an accident.

It was like ill fortune followed her wherever she went.

If all went according to what Cloris wished, Cassandra would marry into another family as soon as possible so that she would stay away. What she didn't know was that all her living expenses abroad were from Cassandra after Vernon went to jail.

Instead of getting angry at Cloris's words, Cassandra simply smiled slightly, thinking that Cloris was just still too young to understand.

For now, she just thought Cloris was being naive like a child. However, she would never anticipate that her own sister would stab her in the back someday and that their bond would shatter in pieces eventually.

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