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   Chapter 434 Clark's Threat

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Clark looked down at the envelope in Cassandra's hand, frowning.

"Cassandra, what do you mean by this?" he asked, almost in an inquiring tone.

Even though the envelope was closed, he could deduce by its bulging shape that it was filled with money.

"Mr. Ji, I am sorry I've troubled you for so long. My sister is back. It is going to be really inconvenient for you if the three of us continue staying in your house. I have talked to my mother. She and my sister will move back to our own house. As for me, I will be with Lyndsy, so I won't be coming back very often. I looked up the rent in this area, so this is an approximate number for the days we've stayed here,"

Cassandra said, looking apologetic but at the same time, indifferent.

"Cassandra, I really don't care about the money. I only want to help you."

Clark seemed anxious and discomforted.

"I know that, Mr. Ji. But I don't want anyone to think of me as someone who takes advantage of others. You must keep this money as rent."

Cassandra extended her hand to Clark, determined to keep it there till he accepted it.

"Why are you acting this way? Is there anything I've done wrong? Is it about the place? Why do you have to leave? You don't like it?"

He feigned a sad look, while trying to fathom what her real intention was.

'It seems like she has decided to go back to Rufus. Otherwise, why would she hurry to leave in this way?' he surmised.

To confirm his suspicion, the expression on Cassandra's face changed as she finally decided to tell Clark the truth.

"Clark...Rufus and I...have decided to be back together," she said in a low voice.

The moment she said those few words she felt relieved. It felt good to finally say it.

"Are you sure, Cassandra? What happens to Amanda?" he asked, shaking his head.

What he didn't know was Amanda had done something terribly silly, which Rufus eventually found out. So he still attempted to stir Cassandra's aversion for Rufus by bringing up Amanda.

"They are going to dismiss the engagement soon."

Cassandra was reluctant to talk about Amanda. She could sympathize with her, but there was no room for such sympathy in love. She loved Rufus too much to care, too much to step back.

Love didn't mean possession by force, but giving each other some space and freedom, while being loyal to each other.

Amanda had gone to unimaginable extents not to make Rufus love her, but to acquire him, which, in turn only drove him away.

"Well, if that

d her bluntly.

Amanda slowly rose and tidied herself up, wiping her tears. Her face was bereft of any emotion, left nothing but impressions of tears.

Not only did her body hurt, but her heart felt weak too. She felt dominated and destroyed. Hell seemed to have broken down on her.

Suddenly, someone knocked at the door. Ivy spoke from outside.

She had just returned from the construction site and wanted to give a report about the progress to Amanda. She had heard from her colleagues that Clark was here and got excited immediately, anticipating to meet him.

Her eyes lit up as she recalled his handsome face in her mind.

"Miss's Ivy. Can I come in?"

Ivy put extra effort to sound soft and sweet. She even straightened her hair to look tidier and more presentable.

Amanda was startled. Hurriedly, she wiped off the remaining tears on her face and rushed to open the door.

Forcing a smile, Amanda spoke in a hoarse tone, "Come in."

She was awfully hoping that Ivy's presence would make Clark leave soon. She couldn't spend another second in his presence.

The moment Ivy stepped in, her eyes got stuck to Clark's face, completely overlooking Amanda's wrecked condition. She walked in elegantly, beautiful and enchanting.

"Here is the project progress form,"

Ivy said, beaming as she handed the report to Amanda. But her face froze as soon as her eyes landed on Amanda.

Amanda was wearing a shirt with a black skirt, but Ivy discovered that her shirt wasn't properly tugged in the skirt, exposing a part of her waist. It was impossible for someone like Amanda to make an error like that. She always dressed impeccably.

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