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   Chapter 433 Wanna Go On A Date

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Cassandra and Lionel were lying on the king-sized bed with purple satin sheets strewn all over them. It was a luxurious and decadent scene in the hotel's presidential suite.

Ivy stood at the foot of the bed, her eyes narrowed and flashing with satisfaction.

"Joel, take the damn pictures of their ugly mugs. Quick,"

Ivy issued the order, her teeth grinding with anticipation. Joel then snappily began to take photos of the unconscious couple from different angles.

"Alright, that's enough. Let's go. It's all up to Amanda after this point."

Ivy and Joel quickly left the hotel. Rufus would soon find out what had happened in this room and rush to save Cassandra. The last thing she wanted was to be caught red-handed.

Before leaving, Ivy slyly dropped an item on the floor. A sinister smile formed on the corners of her mouth.

Amanda dialed Rufus's number over and over. As expected, Rufus kept rejecting the call.

Amanda had just recieved the pictures from Ivy on her phone. Cassandra and Lionel were strewn over the bed in compromising positions, which was exactly what Amanda had wanted.

'Rufus, since you refuse to answer the phone, I'll show you something you can't possibly ignore.'

Amanda sent the pictures directly to Rufus, as well as the address of the hotel and room number.

A few seconds later, Amanda's phone started vibrating. As she looked at the caller ID, a wry smile appeared on her lips.

"What exactly are you playing at?"

Rufus asked in an enraged tone.

'Got you all nervous, huh?' Amanda thought to herself. 'I have my ways of flustering you. I know how you hate seeing Cassandra suffer.'

"This has nothing to do with me. My staff merely ran across them and took some pictures. You can check for yourself if you want."

Amanda wanted Rufus to witness Cassandra having sex with Lionel with his own eyes. It must be devastating.

"Is this all part of your little plan into provoking a response from me?"

Rufus replied in an icy tone. Beads of cold sweat started to form on Amanda's forehead.

'Shouldn't he be rushing to the hotel already? How could he possibly know this was all a trick?'

The thing was, the pictures Ivy sent were incredibly high quality. Anyone with a keen eye could easily deduce that it was staged.

Ivy had a card up her sleeve though. She didn't mean to pave the way for Amanda. Instead, she meant to set her up.

"I...I don't know what you're talking about."

Amanda trembled slightly at the start of her words, but quickly calmed he

Rufus softly whispered in Cassandra's ear as he lowered his head and buried his face in her neck.

"I put away your unicorn doll, too. It's inside the bedside cupboard to your right. I think you'd better take that with you when you leave."

Rufus's voice had a deep baritone. Only God knew how long he had waited for this moment.

He had longed to embrace her like this, to be in their room again with her, to smell her fragrant hair, and to whisper sweet nothings in her ear.

It was like a century had passed since they were together in this room. All those passionate nights they had spent together up to the moment she stormed out angrily and never returned came flooding back in Rufus's mind.

Cassandra kept quiet. The atmosphere was so beautiful. She dared not speak for fear of ruining it.

"Don't let others take advantage of you, okay? Don't let them dictate where you want to go,"

Rufus said in a serious tone.

Cassandra had never been guarded towards other people who might wish to do her harm. Rufus had worried about her ever since she said she would help him keep an eye on Clark.

"You included?"

Cassandra muttered softly, her eyes full of melancholy.

She had come to realize that someone was scheming against her, but it was definitely not Rufus.

He would never do that to her. He loved her even after all this time.

"So what do you say? Wanna go on a date?"

Rufus asked with his eyebrows raised.

"No, thanks!"

Cassandra quipped, her eyes burning with passion.

Rufus leaned in and planted a soft kiss on her likewise soft lips. Soon enough, the dimly-lit bedroom of the white-washed villa was filled with sounds of passion.

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