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   Chapter 432 Hotel Trap

The Enchanted Night By Changdu Characters: 10098

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"How's it going with your work?"

In prison's visiting rooms, Vernon sat across Cassandra. He had grown thinner but he seemed to be in high spirits.

"It's doing great, Father. Don't worry about me. As for my mother, she can't come today because she has been very busy, but I'm sure she will visit you next time," Cassandra said.

She made it a point not to bear bad news because she did not want her father to worry too much. It was important for her that he behaved well in prison so he could be let out soon and they could all be together. Because of this, she and her mother agreed not to tell Vernon about Edith's illness.

"Do you have a boyfriend now?"

This was the next question he asked. Of course, this also brought him concern because he didn't want his daughter to grow old alone. It only made sense that he would ask this too.

Cassandra already anticipated this and she was able to prepare an answer.

"Yes, but we haven't been dating long yet. I'd like to bring him so you can meet him when it's time. It's still too early now,"

she replied smoothly without hesitation.

Vernon smiled with relief when he heard her reply. That was good news to him because in his mind, that meant that he did not need to worry about Cassandra too much. There was a man who was taking care of her.

"I'm sorry I haven't been a good father. You and your mother must have been having a hard time recently,"

he started apologetically. He felt sorry for leaving Cassandra the burden of taking care of his family.

Right then, Cassandra suddenly remembered what Rufus told Ivy.

Joel had threatened Vernon to the point of him considering suicide. She realized that Ivy must have done this because of the things happening between them back then.

Cassandra's heart ached. Her father almost died because of her. This filled her with guilt.

"Father, please, no more apologizing. We are family. We're all waiting for you—mother, Cloris, and me,"

she said as she reached out to hold her father's hand to comfort him.

"How about Cloris? How is she?"

It had been a long time since he saw his beloved younger daughter. He missed her very much.

"She's fine. She came back a few days ago and she has a boyfriend now,"

Cassandra replied with a smile.

"Boyfriend? Who? What is he like? Is he treating Cloris right?"

Vernon shot one question after another.

Cassandra smiled and replied patiently.

"You probably know him. He is the president of Dawn Star Group, Arthur Zhuang. Cloris likes him very much,"

she said as Cloris's lovestruck face appeared in her mind. The girl seemed so happy and she always looked at Arthur with such loving eyes.

What she did not understand, however, was that from what she knew, Arthur broke up with Cloris before. She even came back just to see him but they ended up fighting. It confused Cassandra to see them dating again.

"Arthur? I know him!"

As expected, Vernon grew even more excited. Arthur was part of the business circle. Of cour


"Oh!" Cassandra exclaimed realizing what the man was talking about. Stella must have reached out to him regarding Lyndsy's arrangements.

"Oh, sure! Could you send me the address and room number? I'll drop by as soon as I can," she immediately responded.

The shoot was keeping Lyndsy busy for now, but the sooner she settled this, the sooner she could fly out and have her treatments. Cassandra wanted to make sure that things were set up before she went abroad.

The man gave her the details she requested and then hung up. Cassandra headed for the place at once.

At the same time, Lionel received a text message.

"Come to Room 907 at M Hotel downtown. It's done," it said.

His eyes widened, staring at the message with disbelief. He was soon filled with excitement.

It must be from Cassandra. He had asked her to persuade Rufus to help the Tang family. The text was a good sign.

Too thrilled to even give it a second thought, he headed off to the place in the message.

Cassandra knocked at the door gently and a man replied.

"Come in, please."

It was a young man's voice. Cassandra put on a courteous smile and turned the doorknob to walk in.

The moment the door opened, she was met with a towel to her face.

She immediately grew anxious and was about to shout for help, but then everything went black; before she knew it, she was unconscious.

Still, right before completely fainting, she managed to catch a glimpse of a man. His face, though, did not seem to be recognizable.

Lionel entered the room and saw a woman standing with her back facing him. 'Cassandra, ' he thought. With a smile on his face, he walked in, eager to hear the good news straight from her mouth.

Suddenly, a towel with a strange smell covered his nose and mouth. He struggled to fight against the man who caught him.

But the moment he tried to catch a breath, he lost consciousness.

Before he could even manage to decipher who it was, he heard a woman's voice say, "Good job."

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