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   Chapter 429 Trouble Always Found Her

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 11067

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"Cassandra, I might never come back ever again,"

Lyndsy told Cassandra, looking at her with eyes full of sadness.

"Don't say that. You don't know that. You just need to believe in yourself,"

Cassandra feigned cheerfulness as she encouraged her friend. She knew that Lyndsy was very upset at the moment and she hoped with all her heart that all this would be over soon. This was the best way she could help her friend.

"Well, about the studio I bought, can you help me sell it? I am going abroad after we finish shooting this film,"

Lyndsy said with her head lowered in an attempt to hide her eyes and thoughts from her friend. She didn't want Cassandra to worry too much about her.

"No problem! I will wait for you to come back after your treatment!"

Cassandra immediately agreed. Lyndsy's decision to go abroad and be treated made her happy. She loved that Lyndsy had hope again.

What Cassandra failed to notice, however, was the sadness hidden in Lyndsy's eyes which could not seem to go away easily. Lyndsy hid her emotions well.

All of Lyndsy's former employees now went their own ways. Cassandra was the only one left. She stood waiting for potential buyers to arrive and see the place for themselves.

The small building that Lyndsy bought was newly decorated and it was still very suitable for work. The surroundings were quiet too.

Cassandra already managed to contact one interested buyer who promised that she would be there this afternoon. So, Cassandra waited patiently for her arrival.

Suddenly, an extremely familiar figure appeared in the studio. Cassandra was almost sure her eyes were deceiving her. Suddenly, she couldn't breathe.

Alas, she was wrong. Right in front of her was Amanda, with her head held high. She walked briskly towards her in confident strides.

Beside her was another familiar woman that Cassandra hoped she would never see again: Ivy.

Cassandra jested in her head at the peculiar scenario. This was not a coincidence at all. Clearly, they came here for a reason that she knew she was about to find out.

The truth was Amanda's visit was Ivy's idea. She found out that Lyndsy was selling her studio and she immediately relayed the information to Amanda. As soon as Amanda heard the news, she knew that this was the chance that they had been waiting for. She immediately asked her people to get in touch with Cassandra and arrange an appointment with her that afternoon.

Amanda made sure that she was well-dressed. She wore a beautiful dress that showed off her curves. She wanted to make sure that she was more beautiful than Cassandra.

She almost wanted to laugh when she saw the clothes that Cassandra was wearing.

Blue jeans and a simple coat were all she wore, resembling a girl who just graduated from university. More importantly, she looked flat. She did not have anything on Amanda.

Amanda walked towards Cassandra, smiling sweetly. Her intentions, though, were not as sweet.

"What a pity. Your studio is closed? Well, I consider myself quite lucky, then. My business is flying and I need the additional space," she said contemptuously.

This irritated Cassandra very much, but she managed to contain herself.

This was Lyndsy's studio, after all. The sooner she sold the place, the better for Lyndsy. She

because of the pain. She raised a hand to gently touch the wound, but the stab of pain was enough to make her realize that it was bad.

Ivy, who stood aside, did not help Amanda. Instead, she watched the two women quietly with calculating eyes.

Ivy intentionally missed her first attack when she went for Cassandra's face. She just wanted Amanda to follow suit. She did not expect it to be this easy.

Apparently, Amanda was a very emotional woman who rarely used her brain. Triggering her was easy. It only took a bit of effort for Ivy to provoke her to follow her bidding.

"Amanda, I thought you hurt your hand? Why do you suddenly have the strength to scratch me?"

Cassandra pointed out, staring at Amanda intensely with cold eyes.

Now, she was sure. Amanda had only been pretending to be sick all this time to get Rufus's sympathy. Honestly, Cassandra was quite surprised that Rufus believed her tricks considering that he was a very smart man.

Hearing Cassandra's question, Amanda suddenly got very nervous. She involuntarily hid her hand behind her and took a step back. She did not know how to respond to her.

"If you don't leave right now, I will call the police! I'm sure you wouldn't want anyone to know what you did today. If I were you, I'd fuck off,"

Cassandra said, doing her best to contain her emotions. She was determined not to stoop down at their level. Besides, there was no use arguing with such a vile woman.

"Ha! Are you threatening us now? Do you really think that we'd be scared of you? If something is going out in public, it'll be your scandals! The eldest daughter of the Qin family and her adulterous home-wrecking. What an interesting headline it would be! What would your parents say? Will they pass out from anger or from shame?"

Ivy was no longer going at her, but she couldn't stand quiet at the side either.

Hearing her words, a thought suddenly came to Cassandra. Something wasn't right. Vernon was still in prison. How would any news reach him?

She suddenly remembered something: Vernon was threatened by someone before the trial, and he was so scared that he tried to kill himself. Until now, that person had not yet been identified.

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