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   Chapter 428 Clark In Others' Eyes

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Cassandra sighed, watching her sister look all cute and sweet as she looked at Arthur with full admiration.

She would wish them happiness...if only she were convinced that they really loved each other. A part of her was suspicious that Arthur reappeared at such a critical time. She could not help but feel that there was something off.

Cloris immediately ran towards Edith when they arrived the Garden Villa.

"Mother, I missed you so much!"

Cloris said excitedly as she wrapped her mother in her arms.

Cassandra and Arthur followed, carrying Cloris's suitcase. Edith took in the sight of her younger daughter. She could not believe she was actually home! The sight filled Cassandra with happiness.

If only her father were present, then it would really be a family reunion.

"Mother, this is Arthur, my boyfriend."

Seeing Arthur come in, Cloris went to take his hand and led him to Edith.

Edith looked at him, surprised. She surveyed him from head to toe as Arthur greeted her with a graceful bow.

"Very pleased to meet you, Mrs. Qin. This is a gift for you,"

he said as he took out a gift box that he seemed to have prepared for Edith.

He looked like a very sophisticated man. This pleased Edith, but a part of her was still stuck on the surprise that Cloris had a boyfriend.

"Mother, the food is getting cold. Cloris must be hungry,"

Cassandra announced to remind Edith of the meals she had prepared. Understandably, she was too excited to see her daughter again. Edith nodded and acknowledged Cassandra's reminder.

"Oh yes, you're right! We should eat! I've prepared Cloris's favorite food!"

Edith had not completely recovered yet, but she managed to prepare a really delicious meal. Its appetizing aroma filled the dining room as they all sat around the dining table. This felt like home.

Cloris kissed Edith on her cheeks happily and sat down on her seat, ready to enjoy the meal.

Edith filled Cloris's dish from time to time. She could not seem to wipe the smile off her face. Cloris was her favorite daughter. She had almost forgotten what it was like to have her around ever since she went to study abroad.

Now, she was back with a boyfriend. Edith could not be happier.

"Cassandra, your younger sister has a boyfriend now. You need to hurry up and find yourself one, too! I'm starting to worry about you!"

Edith said. She always grasped every opportunity to remind Cassandra to find a partner. As usual, Cassandra rolled her eyes with amusement.

Cassandra left as soon as she finished eating. Lyndsy was going to be discharged today and she wanted to help her out.

After she left, Cloris inquired, "Isn't she dating Rufus? Aren't they going to get married yet?"

Cloris didn't care much about her elder sister so she basically knew nothing about what had happened to Cassandra while she was gone.



Lyndsy replied as she returned to her study, writing notes as she memorized her lines.

Cassandra watched her friend wordlessly. It felt like she was a different woman.

"So I was thinking...Since Rufus mentioned that you could go abroad for the plastic surgery with stem cell treatment to heal your scars, I could start introducing our staff to TY Entertainment while you're gone. That way, by the time you're back, we have contacts and connections. If the staff still wants to work with us then we can take them in! What do you think?"

Cassandra found it tricky to deal with the staff. She had thought about the best way to handle them for a long time before she finally came up with this plan.

Lyndsy put down the script, raised her head slightly, and sighed. Then, she turned around and gave Cassandra a serious look.

"I...probably won't need them anymore. Find them positions in other companies. I'd be okay with that,"

she replied sadly. Her career was uncertain now because of her accident. She was not sure if she would still be able to come back to the industry.

The film they were shooting now was already halfway through. The reason that Rufus decided to keep her was probably to avoid wasting the work they had already done, and so that they could keep the same cast. As for her future, though, that was different. It was highly unlikely that she would totally recover and get more jobs.

Lyndsy let out a helpless smile.

"Trust me, you're going to be all right,"

Cassandra said as she put her hands on Lyndsy's shoulders. She stroked her gently to comfort and encourage her.

"What about you? What's your plan?"

Lyndsy cared most about Cassandra compared to all her staff, especially because she was the one who asked her to work for her.

"I'll be glad to work with you again when you decide to come back, if you like,"

she smiled and replied sincerely.

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