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   Chapter 427 Cloris Is Back

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Cassandra bit her lip to hold back her tears. The sadness of Lyndsy and her family filled the whole room.

She never really cried for herself, but she tended to cry a lot for others. Rufus clenched his fists as he watched Cassandra suffer quietly.

"Please get well, Lyndsy. Take care of yourself, because you still have a film to shoot. We've only done half the scenes. I will instruct the crew to finish other people's parts first. We can shoot your parts when you recover,"

Rufus spoke suddenly. Lyndsy and her mother stopped crying abruptly upon hearing his words.

She looked at Rufus incredulously with tears in her eyes. Cassandra turned her head too, confused about what Rufus just said.

Keep shooting? How could she shoot a movie with a face like that?

Rufus, fully aware of everyone's confusion, remained calm.

"We'll ask the director to modify the angles. We just have to avoid shooting from the front. We can also edit the shots later. Don't worry, everything can be fixed digitally. All you have to do is focus on your recovery," he explained.

His words seemed to reassure Lyndsy's mother as she turned to her daughter happily.

"Did you hear that, honey?! You can keep shooting movies!" she beamed.

Stunned, Lyndsy kept looking at Rufus wordlessly. She could not believe that Rufus, a prime investor, would be willing to hire a disfigured actress to star in his movie. That would be so risky!

"Your scars can be treated. Stem cell therapy abroad is very good now. I know a doctor who specializes in such field and I would be happy to introduce you to him later,"

Rufus continued to say. Every sentence that came out of his mouth left everyone more and more surprised.

Eventually, Lyndsy calmed down. Rufus seemed to have succeeded in reassuring her.

She wiped away her tears and focused on comforting her mother instead.

"I'll be fine, Mom. I promise I will take good care of myself,"

she said, sounding calm and strong. The helplessness and panic she displayed just a minute ago were now totally gone.

"Cassandra, the business of the studio is going to depend on you for a while,"

Lyndsy said to Cassandra with full trust.

"Don't worry, Stella and I will take care of it for you,"

Cassandra replied, very glad to see Lyndsy calmer than before. She then looked at Rufus gratefully.

Seeing her thankful expression made Rufus's heart skip a beat.

He seemed to have hit two birds with one stone. His decision, not only calmed Lyndsy down, but also managed to lift a huge burden off of Cassandra's shoulders.

But... Remembering the lack of progress in Victor's investigations, once again, made him feel uneasy.

All evidence currently pointed to the action director. He was the one responsible for the safety of the wires and the one who tested the equipment the day before. Now that there

Arthur was pushing the suitcase for Cloris as they walked towards Cassandra. Cloris wasn't carrying anything herself.

"What are you doing here? Where's Mom?"

asked Cloris, frowning as she scanned the surroundings, disappointed that she could not find her mother.

"Mom is waiting for you at home. I'm here to pick you up,"

Cassandra replied with a smile. She then courteously greeted Arthur who stood next to Cloris.

"Thank you, Mr. Zhuang. What a coincidence. I didn't expect you and Cloris to be on the same flight back," she said.

Despite the fact that Dawn Star Group had almost squeezed Tang Group out of the market, Cassandra had to remain polite. After all, she was no longer the daughter-in-law of the Tang family. It was no longer necessary for her to act coldly around Arthur.

Cloris, however, suddenly wrapped her arm around Arthur's and smiled.

"Arthur went to my school to keep me company during my exams. We came back together, afterward,"

she explained, raising her eyebrows. It was as if she was calling Cassandra out for being too civil and she wanted to show her that Arthur was someone she shared a more intimate bond with.

Cassandra felt as if she were going to pass out. Since when did Arthur and Cloris get so intimate?

"Let me take you home so I can meet your mother,"

Arthur offered as he looked at Cloris lovingly. Cassandra frowned at their interaction.

It was unlikely that Cloris heard anything about G City while she was studying abroad. For Cassandra, however, she knew everything that Arthur did to raise the status of the Dawn Star Group.

If Cloris were just looking for a boyfriend, then Arthur was definitely a good match.

Still, she hoped that Rufus could help the Tang Group prevent the Dawn Star Group from outgrowing them. Cassandra couldn't help but wonder, 'if Arthur and Cloris's are together, how am I going to do that?'

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