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   Chapter 426 Lyndsy Was Disfigured

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Cassandra immediately felt silly when she realized what she was thinking. How could she suspect Rufus of doing such a thing?

Despite everything that he had been doing to the Tang family, she understood that it all came from his hatred for Horace and his abandonment of him and his mother. As for Lyndsy, however, it did not make sense. There was no reason for him to cause her harm.

Could it be that whatever happened to Lyndsy was done by her rival?

She walked towards the main entrance of the hospital while Rufus followed behind her, keeping a safe distance. Looking at the back of her head and almost feeling her grief, he could not help but feel sad.

There were a group of reporters waiting outside already. One of them recognized her. Soon, the rest followed.

"Miss Qin, how is Lyndsy now?"

"Miss Qin, did you find out anything about the cause of the accident?"

"Miss Qin, what will Lyndsy's future be now that her face is disfigured?"

Countless microphones made their way towards her face. She almost felt as if she were being suffocated.

Rufus dashed to Cassandra, squeezed through the crowd and spread his long arms to give her some space.

"Lyndsy is awake now. We will address your questions later at the news conference!" he announced.

Without minding any of the burning questions the crowd of journalists had, Rufus scooped her into his arms and immediately carried her away.

It had been a while since Cassandra was this close to him. She felt the warmth of his body, his familiar scent, his care, concern and protection.

She knew that it would not be a good idea to talk to the reporters candidly. It was better if all the information was to be released during the press conference. They had to come up with something formal that the news sites can base their reports from.

When they finally got to escape the annoying crowd of reporters, Rufus started to teach her a few rules of the entertainment circle. Cassandra, though, did not absorb a word that he said. She found herself staring at the window in silence.

"Cassandra, you may be inexperienced in this kind of thing. Let me do it, okay?"

Rufus offered gently, knowing that she was still struck with grief because of what happened to Lyndsy. This was the first time that Cassandra had to deal with a situation like this so it was understandable that she was having a hard time.

A bitter smile crept on her face. 'Let him do it?' Cassandra thought. 'Do I look like a loser who can't do anything on my own?'

"Why is it that I can't seem to handle problems well no matter how hard I try?"

she said slowly, her eyes filled with sorrow.

"I tried to save the Qin Group but failed. I tried to get rid of Clark but failed. Now, with Lyndsy, I can't even be of much help too. Why do I always feel that fate is against me? Why is everything so difficult for me? I'"

she said slowly as her eyes closed. A single tear surfaced at the corner of her e

nced technologies out there. The most important thing right now is for you to take care of your body..."

Cassandra was still attempting to console Lyndsy who suddenly broke down.

"I want to see! I want to see what I look like! I don't want to be fooled! I am not a fool!"

Lyndsy wept in desperatoin. Her usual sunny face was now filled with tears. It was hard not to sympathize with her.

Her crying almost made Cassandra cry too. Rufus pressed her shoulder and whispered into her ear, "Give her the mirror. She has to face it eventually. How can she accept it without facing herself?"

The firm voice of Rufus helped Cassandra collect herself.

From her purse, Cassandra took out a compact mirror and handed it to Lyndsy. Throughout the process, she had her eyes fixed on Lyndsy, observing all her tiny actions.

Lyndsy took the mirror and slowly opened it. The face she wanted to see so badly appeared right in front of her.

Her skin was pale and her hair was disheveled. Terror filled her wide-opened eyes as she gazed at herself in the mirror.

There were several scars on the right side of her face. Apparently, when she hit the ground, her cheek was cut by the sharp rocks on the floor.

Apart from the deep scars, there were also marks of the collision between her face and the ground. The scratches were so noticeable that they ruined her delicate face.

Her entire body shook even more aggresively. The face in the mirror was like a blackhole that suddenly engulfed her entire life.

In grief, she threw the mirror onto the floor.

"No. This isn't me. It's not me..."

she murmured. Her face was full of helplessness and fear; her eyes seemed to have lost focus.

Her mother rushed to hug her, wailing.

"Lyndsy, it's okay. It's okay, baby. You don't even have to be an actress anymore after this. It's okay."

Lyndsy's father also approached them. Extending his arms, he embraced his family. In the arms of her parents, Lyndsy unceasingly wept.

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