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   Chapter 425 No Access Allowed To The Scene Of The Accident

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 9120

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Waiting at Lyndsy's bedside, Cassandra dozed off at times but was woken up by the nurse who came and checked on the patient from time to time.

It was dawn when Lyndsy finally opened her eyes the following day.

With misty eyes, Cassandra jumped up and leaned toward her.

"Lyndsy, how are you feeling?"

she asked with concern.

"It feels like I just had a long, long dream,"

Lyndsy murmured as her eyelids fluttered heavily.

Cassandra, trying to fight back her welling tears, started to tell her friend reassuringly, "It is okay, Lyndsy, you will be fine as long as you wake up now."

She then pressed the call bell at the bedside, and a doctor and a nurse arrived.

After checking on Lyndsy, the doctor let out a sigh of relief. He seemed pleased with what happened.

"She has gotten past the critical period. She will now slowly recover,"

The doctor's words made Cassandra breathe freely again. At that moment, Lyndsy reached out and touched the side of her face that was still covered with gauze.

"What is wrong with my face?"

Lyndsy uttered. Her eyes were full of horror.

"It is okay, Lyndsy, you will recover eventually,"

Cassandra immediately reassured her as she hastily took her friend's hand away for fear that she might touch her wound.

"Cassandra, what is wrong with my face? Tell me!"

Lynsy demanded. She was a movie star! Her face was her livelihood. She could not go on with her profession if her face were disfigured.

Lyndsy clutched Cassandra's hand, scanning her eyes for information.

"Nothing, Lyndsy. Don't be worried. Your cheeks just got scratched when you fell down. It will recover soon, don't worry,"

Cassandra replied, trying to quell her anxiety.

Now, the ward door opened and Lyndsy's parents came rushing in.

"My daughter!"

Lyndsy's mother rushed to her bed and grabbed her hand. Tears began to flood down her cheeks.

Cassandra got up and turned to leave the ward to give them time alone.

This was their moment. It belonged to Lyndsy and her parents. Besides, Cassandra had to get to work and do some digging about the accident.

Outside the ward, she saw an ever familiar figure with her bloodshot and weary eyes. Rufus was sitting on the bench near the door.

His eyes were closed and he was leaning on the back of the chair. He seemed to have fallen asleep. In the shabby hospital, his tailored, expensive suit just seemed so out of place.

She walked quietly to Rufus and watched him sleep.

At this state, his usually stern expression was softer.

As if sensing that there was someone watching him, Rufus's eyes shot open and immediately fell on Cassandra's.

Like two strong magnetic poles, their eyes locked and did

in the entertainment circle. If a scar left on her face because of the accident, will she still be qualified to finish shooting the film?' Cassandra wondered.

"Even if she did end up still finishing the film, how will she find more projects in the future?"

All the problems started to flood in her mind. 'Stop it, Cassandra, ' she reminded herself. 'The most important thing right now is to find out who is to blame for all of these.'

"Mr. Luo, I need to visit the movie set again and have a closer look at that broken wire,"

she requested calmly. The tender moment that the two had just a few minutes back was now completely gone.

"The police has taken over the scene. I also have my people looking into it. I don't think you'd find anything they haven't found if you went there,"

he replied without even considering her request. So far, all his men had was that the action director was acting strange and seemed to have something to do with the accident. A part of him worried that if Cassandra found something, her safety would be compromised.

If she found out that it were, indeed, a conspiracy, she might end up being a liability of whoever was behind this.

"You seem to be afraid that Cassandra may find something out, Mr. Luo. Could it be that you also have something to do with the incident?"

Clark uttered slowly, clearly trying to fan flames of mistrust. Cassandra's ashen face filled him with satisfaction.

She looked Rufus in the eye.

Suddenly, she remembered how Rufus asked her to elope with him just a couple of days ago but she didn't agree.

Aside from the fact that she had work to do, she did not have the heart to leave her family. She also worried about the Tangs.

'Does Rufus really have anything to do this accident?' she shuddered at the terrible thought.

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