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   Chapter 424 Who Is The Outsider

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Cassandra anxiously waited outside the operating room with Stella and Lyndsy's agent.

All of them stared at the doors eagerly, hoping that at any moment, someone would come out and tell them that Lyndsy was going to be okay. However, several hours passed and no one came out.

Soon, reporters arrived at the doors of the operating room as well, waiting for the latest scoop and for Lyndsy to finally emerge. This irritated Cassandra. She immediately called the security guard in to drive them away.

"This is a public place. You have no right to drive us away!"

the reporters yelled, causing huge chaos in the hospital.

"I will call the police if you don't go away right now. This is invasion of privacy!" she called back.

Thinking about Lyndsy lying unconscious in the operating room and dealing with the snooty reporters stressed her out so much.

"Celebrities have no privacy. Without media people like us, do you think Lyndsy would even be this popular?"

the reporters reasoned out. They were not about to give up this hot take.

Outside the operating room, the chaos was soon going out of control.

"Everyone, please get out,"

said a calm, low, but powerful voice all of a sudden. This immediately turned everyone quiet.

Cassandra turned to see who it was. The person who just arrived was a tall handsome man with cool, deep, eagle eyes. On him was a sleek, dark suit.

"If you want to interview Lyndsy, you can come to the press conference we'll hold later. Right now, she's still at a critical condition so there is nothing yet to see. Can you all wait a bit?"

Rufus said as he looked at the agitated reporters. Then, he eyed the security guards behind him.

The uniformed men immediately gathered and escorted the reporters out. This finally relieved Cassandra.

"Did they hurt you?"

Rufus went up to her and asked. He went to check on her as soon as she got out of the skirmish with the reporters, his eyes full of concern.

Looking at Rufus, Cassandra remembered he was in charge of TY Group and it was TY Entertainment who invested in the movie. This made her heart sink.

"The person you need to care about right now is Lyndsy. We don't know what is going on with her,"

Cassandra said as she tilted her head helplessly. She could still see it in her mind: Lyndsy lying on the floor, blood covering her face...This gave her a lump in her throat.

"Of course I care about Lyndsy. I've talked to the hospital director and I asked him to do everything they can to save her,"

Rufus said reassuringly as he looked at Cassandra's face.

"And the shooting location. You must tell them to check it carefully. Why did the machine break when it was first used on Lyndsy?"

Cassandra questioned as if she w

issing both of them. Stella and the agent looked at each other and then left the ward to collaborate immediately.

Rufus, who stood outside, saw the door open. To his disappointment, the people who came out were not Cassandra.

He stopped Stella to ask about the situation in the ward.

"Did Lyndsy wake up? How's Cassandra?"

Rufus asked, anticipating an answer. He knew Stella, after all.

Stella, though, had a very bad impression of Rufus. Why would she even answer his questions? Who did he think he was?

"Cassandra said we shouldn't tell the 'outsiders' anything!"

she replied dismissively and then walked away, totally ignoring Rufus.

"Am...I an outsider?"

Rufus murmured, barely hiding his frustration.

He kept waiting outside with his arms crossed across his body, leaning against the wall. He looked at the closed door expectantly.

Actually, what was he doing there? This was just a door. He could open it anytime he wanted.

But then again, he knew that Cassandra was unstable right now and she did not want to see him. It would be a bad idea to barge in. He had to wait patiently.

'Cassandra, I'm here for you even in times of trouble, ' he reminded himself.

Sitting beside the bed, Cassandra called Edith to tell her about what happened, but Clark took the phone immediately when he heard that she might not go home today.

"Cassandra, do you need me to go to the hospital to help you?"

Clark asked with concern and anxiety. Cassandra could imagine what he looked like in front of Edith at that moment.

"No need. Lyndsy is in the ward already. I just need to wait for her to wake up and for her parents to arrive," she replied.

Rufus was waiting already outside and she did not want to see him. She didn't want Clark to come all the more for he always had ill intentions with her.

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