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   Chapter 423 An Accident On Set

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Lionel looked at Cassandra, begging her with his eyes.

'Cassandra, are you really going to let the Tang Group die right under your nose?' he seemed to say.

The silent question asked by Lionel was yet to receive an answer. Cassandra took a deep breath and let out a huge sigh.

'I have dreamed to be an architect almost all my life. Still, reality strikes. Maybe it's not meant to be. I'm no longer the type of person who would go for my dream despite everything that the world is telling me. I'm no longer that stubborn child, ' Cassandra thought.

She knew that Lionel was sincere. A myriad of thoughts crossed her mind.

Never could she have imagined that Lionel would ever ask her to return to the Tang Group. Strangely, she did not seem to want to go back anyway.

"Mr. Tang, there are plenty of other excellent designers. I'm afraid I no longer want to go back," she declined firmly.

Again, she had to reject Lionel. But he wasn't giving up just yet.

"Why? Cassandra, please come back. I will give you a much better salary compared to what you earn here!"

Lionel tried to exclaim enthusiastically, hurriedly thinking of a good deal that Cassandra might have difficulty refusing.

"It has nothing to do with money. I will stay here for as long as Lyndsy's studio exists. When I was hopeless, it was Lyndsy who gave me a chance. We, humans, should appreciate other people's kindness and pay it back, shouldn't we?"

Cassandra replied seriously. Lionel's eyes landed on the documents piled on her desk. Suddenly, he realized something.

"Fine, then. Forget about it. Since this is what you want, I won't ask you again. But this I assure you: our doors will always be open for you. If ever you decide that you want to be the Architectural Manager of the company again, I will graciously accept," he said gently before he finally took his leave.

He wanted to be sure Cassandra knew this. She put up a polite smile and responded, "If chance permits, I would love to work with you someday, Mr. Tang."

'I will never be going back with him but this is the least I can do. I should at least make him feel good, ' she thought.

Squinting his eyes, unconvinced, Lionel turned and finally left.

When he arrived in his car, he took out his phone and searched Lyndsy's recent activities.

"Famous actress Lyndsy is shooting a new film at the Film Base. The director of the film, who has gotten a budget of thirty million, is the well-renowned…"

Lionel read the news online as a slice of cruelty flashed across his eyes.

'Cassandra did say that she would work for the studio for as long as it existed. Well then, I guess it's time to make the studio disappear, ' he thought as a sinister smile crawled across his face.

In a chilly night such as this one, that smile would probably send shivers done anyone's spine.

'I know you'll be back, Cassandra. You'll be back sooner than you think. I'll make sure of it, ' he swore.

In the Film Base, Lyndsy was preparing herself to be lifted up. The movie, set in an ancient setting, was being filmed by the best teams in the country. This was also the biggest project of TY Group. Because o


Absent-minded, Cassandra rose and looked at the faces in front of her.

She then started to walk towards the martial arts director. Before she could even think about what she was going to, she blurted out, "Didn't you double-check with everything and guarantee her safety? Didn't you claim that you are the best team hired by the TY Group?"

Her voice was quivering. Every word she uttered seemed to drain all her energy.

"Miss Qin, there are always risks involved with stunts like this. We did a thorough check of the equipment before we started filming and confirmed that it was, indeed, safe to use. We will be sure to conduct another investigation afterward," he replied diplomatically.

He seemed to be very experienced in dealing with such questions. He was ready with canned answers for every disgruntled client such as Cassandra.

"Risk? Why did you let her film this given the risk? Couldn't you do it with a computer instead?"

Cassandra could no longer control herself. She shot accusations without trying to mince her words. Her usual composure was nowhere to be seen. When a sign that indicated 'TY Entertainment' came in her sight, she felt like a huge box of fury exploded. Finally, she lost it.

"Miss Qin, please calm down. The priority now is to take Lyndsy to the hospital and help her recover. Let's talk more after that is settled,"

the martial arts director replied coldly. He looked very unfazed with the situation. He was composed––too composed. He seemed unmoved by Cassandra's confrontation and the panic on everyone in the vicinity.

Tears trickling down her face as Cassandra watched her friend be carried into the ambulance. Worried, angry, and terrified, she followed.

After taking a couple of steps, she suddenly turned to warn the man with a grim face, "If anything happens to Lyndsy, I will make you pay!"

There was coldness in her eyes. Never had she been this frightened all her life.

Just now, Lyndsy was lively and excited. In the next moment, she looked almost dead. She fell from such a big height. Was she able to survive and recover?

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