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   Chapter 422 Ask Cassandra Back (Part Two)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 5664

Updated: 2019-07-16 18:41

She looked up and saw Lionel standing in front of her desk, smiling genuinely. She got really confused and hurried to end the conversation.

"What are you doing here?"

Cassandra asked, quickly hanging up the call. She got up and kneaded the back of her waist. She had been sitting for hours now, her body was going numb.

Seeing how tired she was, Lionel couldn't help but ask in concern, "Cassandra, isn't it more tiring to work here than it was designing in Tang Group?"

It seemed like a casual question full of earnest concern. Cassandra only smiled at him, poured some water in a glass and handed it to him.

"I put my heart and soul in whatever job I do. It doesn't matter which one is more tiring. As long as I am passionate about my work, I can learn from every job and just get better,"

Cassandra said, not answering his question directly. She didn't want to answer it as she was no longer 'Manager Qin' in his design department now.

"Still...I think it's a shame you changed your job. You've learned architectural design abroad and accomplished so much in the field. All of that for what? Now you've completely abandoned your career as a designer!"

Lionel said, looking at Cassandra with a regretful look on his face. She didn't know how to respond to something like that. Why was he saying any of this to her?

Didn't he know why she had to give up her job? It was all due to the agreement she had signed when they got divorced.

He had blocked all her ways of staying in the industry. And now, he had the audacity of coming and saying it was a shame? What did he want?

Cassandra didn't say a single word. Her silence made Lionel's heart beat faster. He kept t

help her. I am convinced about staying in the studio. I will never go back to Tang Group."

Cassandra was no fool. It didn't take her a lot of time to realise why Lionel had showed up out of the blue. He never contacted her unless he needed help. This time, he had come asking her to join the Tang Group. Sadly for him, she would never agree.

"Cassandra, you are a designer, and one of the best in the country at that! You must hate me for forcing you to sign that stupid agreement. I agree that it put a stop to your career abruptly. But you need to understand I was fooled by Ivy at the time. I was just so angry that I made the lawyer draw up those harsh terms."

Seeing how confidently she had refused him, Lionel was quick to explain himself.

"I know I was seriously wrong. But I've realised how foolish I was. I was blinded by a deceitful woman! I cannot thank you enough for not holding a grudge against me. The other day when you agreed to help me to talk to Rufus, it made me feel even guiltier. Cassandra, please give me a chance to prove I have changed. Please give me a chance to make up for my mistakes."

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