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   Chapter 421 Ask Cassandra Back (Part One)

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Lionel stared at the contract sent back by Amanda with his lips pursed and eyes fierce. He clutched the paper so tightly that it crumbled in his hands, his veins popping out of his skin.

"What the hell! We've already started the project! And now they want out? I'm sure Rufus has interfered with this! I can't believe they'd rather pay the liquidated damages than let us take charge of this project!"

Lionel couldn't contain the anger and shouted relentlessly. He was so furious that his secretary, who just entered the office carrying a bunch of documents, got completely frightened. She didn't dare say a word to him.

Tang Group was in a terrible situation. If they couldn't find a financial support soon, they would be compelled to fire the employees and cut the expenses even to maintain the general headquarters' work.

When Rufus was still a part of the company, he had gotten many branch offices built. At the time, it was also an important and unavoidable expansion of Tang Group. After all, his plan was to make it a public company in the future. But now, it looked like all of those things were intentionally planned by him to lead the company to doom at the very sight of a crisis.

No doubt, he had made Tang Group bigger and much more powerful than it had ever been, but for what? To abandon it? The company now rested in Lionel's hands, who as everyone knew was not capable to handle neither the business nor the pressure it brought along with it.

Lionel gritted his teeth, thinking Rufus had planned all this deliberately. Now, he wasn't willing to help them at all, despite the company being on the brink of bankruptcy. Lionel hated him, but at the same time he knew there was no one else who could save the group.

To add to

nt for Tang Group right now. If Cassandra came back and signed the designs with her name, the number of clients would definitely increase. She was pretty famous in the design industry. If this idea really worked, it would help save the Tang Group.

Besides, Cassandra had already agreed to help him by talking to Rufus.

But Rufus was dead stubborn. On top of that, he hated the Tang family. It would be very difficult for Cassandra to convince him. Maybe she would consider helping them directly if he refused?

Suddenly, Lionel was filled with energy. He picked up the documents and walked out of the office. He proceeded with confidence and hope. He was going to see Cassandra right away.

Cassandra sat hunched over her table in her office, the scripts and plans piled up in front of her. Stella took the day off, so she was especially busy. She didn't even have the time to drink water.

They only worked for Lyndsy. Still, she put all her effort into her job, working responsibly, trying her best to give the best possible results.

When Lionel barged in her office, she was on the phone with a media person, arranging a personal interview for Lyndsy.

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