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   Chapter 418 A Conspiracy On The Way

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Lionel looked at Cassandra with mixed feelings reflected on his eyes. Then, he said, "I have an idea of what had happened between you and Rufus, Cassandra. What I don't understand is why is he engaged to Amanda now but not with you? I am a man. A man should do everything he can to win the heart of the woman he loves if what he feels for her is real. I really believe that because that was exactly what I did for you before..."

His confusion led him to keep talking and talking, looking back at the time when he fell in love with the woman in front of him now.

He always found Cassandra attractive. He even broke up with Ivy just to be with her.

It just hurt him because whenever he drew near, she pulled herself away.

Seeing where the conversation was going, Cassandra raised a hand to stop Lionel from continuing.

"If you really want me to help you, then don't ever say those words again,"

Cassandra said sternly. She did not want to hear anything about her relationship with Rufus anymore, from anyone.

It was complicated. No one would be able to understand. As for their future, she did not even want to think about it anymore. She was no longer as naive as she was in the past.

"I'm not trying to make him look bad, or get between you two. After what happened between all of us, you can be sure I know my place. I know I can't win your heart. But would it be too much for me to ask the woman I love to be happy, even without me?"

Lionel replied helplessly. He truly cared about Cassandra. Seeing her looking thinner and paler than whenever he last saw her pained him.

"Please stop. Why did you break up with Ivy? You don't have to do that for me. I can't be in a relationship with someone who is unfaithful, and that was exactly what you were,"

she shot back. In her heart, she was sad talking about what happened between her and Lionel. He seemed very different now.

He was too laid-back and impulsive. He would fall in love with someone just as easily as he would break up with them.

It took years before Cassandra learned to accept reality.

She liked to imagine herself as a Chinese parasol tree that would match up to Rufus. But she gradually came to realize that no matter how hard she tried, the distance between her and Rufus was just too great.

This distance existed when they knew each other at the very beginning.

He had his own life formed by his past. She was an unexpected detour. It was all serendipity.

That fantasy lasted until today. Cassandra knew that they had each other in their hearts. When she thought about the future, though, she could not see anything. She had no idea what their future would be like.

She was willing to live a simple life with him, but Rufus was born to be a great man with an eventful life. He will never be happy with a plain life.

Everywhere he went, there were rumors about him. Controversy and trouble fol

er again and continue dating her."

This was more an order than a suggestion. There was firmness in his voice. He wanted this done.

"But... But why?"

Arthur asked, puzzled. He was curious why Clark would want to meddle in his personal life.

"Don't ask too many questions. Just do it. In short, I want you to make her love you so unconditionally that she would do whatever you ask her to do. I need her to become a pawn in my game!"

Clark's face darkened as he revealed his plan. He must control Cassandra's family!

She cared about Edith, her mother, very much. So, Clark deduced that her family was something that was very important to her. Having Arthur who was her sister's past flame was a great opportunity for him. He was not about to let her go easily. It was always how he destroyed his enemies: he would use every bit of information he had on them and use it against them.

At first, Arthur was surprised. Soon, he understood Clark's plan and agreed.

"Yes, I got it! Don't worry. She is a stupid girl and I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve. It'll be easy to make her fall in love with me," he said.

Arthur was always confident with himself. He had never worked on Cassandra before, but he had a good experience with Cloris who was so easy to lure in.

"Don't be too hasty. Play carefully and make her trust you,"

Clark advised with gritted teeth.

He tried to win Cassandra's trust, but no matter what he did, he never succeeded.

She was such a strong and independent woman. She was very intuitive and was someone he never could predict and control.

Rufus was already aware that Clark was his neighbor, but this did not concern Clark.

Edith was living in his villa and he had that house designed craftily. If Rufus tried to break in, the alarm system would be activated and he would definitely die!

'You want to play tricks on me, Cassandra? You'll be sorry, you dumb bitch, ' he cursed.

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