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   Chapter 417 We'd Rather Lose Face (Part Two)

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"Yeah, this is the only way. But careful. Don't get involved with her again. I would never agree to something like that again!"

Jill warned Lionel strictly. Alas, the mother couldn't see the sadness in her son's eyes.

He couldn't tell her he wanted to get back together with Cassandra. In fact, he deeply regretted his decision of divorcing her before. However, it was sad that she just didn't want him anymore.

"Don't worry, Mom. I understand what you are thinking,"

Lionel said with a forced, bitter smile on his face.

He turned his head around to look inside the hospital room. Horace lay on the bed, staring at the ceiling.

Rufus's hatred towards his own father had completely destroyed him, despite how powerful he had been in the industry all his life. Now, every day was nothing but a nightmare for him.

Horace's mind started to fly back to the times when he was young. He was so ambitious and capable at the time. It was in those days that he had met a young woman from Ling family at a party, and had immediately fallen in love with her.

Lucky for him, she had fallen in love with him too. Soon, they started dating. But something always bugged Horace. It was the inheritance right of the family business.

The Ling family had already started to lose its power and status. They couldn't have helped him get the inheritance right. That was where Jill came into picture.

At that time, the Xie family was very powerful and influential. Jill was their favourite daughter. Tactically, it only made sense for Horace to be with her in order to get the support of her family.

Horace couldn't resist the temptation. He started to avoid seeing the Ling family's daughter and chose to get engaged to Jill instead.

What he didn't know was she was already p

leasant surprise.

"Yeah. See, my dad is in a really bad condition right now. If he doesn't make mom will not be able to handle it. As long as Rufus agrees to come back and help us save the Tang Group, she can make a compromise. It's not as important as saving the company and with that, saving my dad."

Lionel had a hard time communicating with such honestly and vulnerability. His pride seemed to be injured. While he felt good to be talking to Cassandra, it pained him that he had to bow down to Rufus. It was unfortunate that this was the only way.

Tang Group, which had been in power for so many years was now being knocked out by Dawn Star Group. Many people in the industry were waiting to see Tang Group go bankrupt, and they were afraid it would influence their own companies as well.

Dawn Star was more powerful than ever, with no other companies in the position to compete with it. It seemed like it had a very strong ally supporting it financially. No one wanted to cross them by trying to help Tang Group.

"Okay, I will talk to Rufus. If he agrees, I will call you and arrange a meeting."

Lionel heaved a sigh of relief. Cassandra was determined to help him.

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