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   Chapter 416 We'd Rather Lose Face (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-07-14 23:05

Horace, lying in the hospital bed, had spent the entire day in a lethargic state. His mental state was that of utter despondency. Every time Jill looked at him, tears would ooze in her eyes.

As soon as he fell asleep, she took a chance to talk to Lionel, her face full of concern and worry.

"Lionel, do you think I should go talk to Alice? Maybe she can change Arthur's mind and prevent Dawn Star Group from fighting against us? The two companies can coexist in peace, for god's sake!"

Jill knew Tang Group was in a dangerous position right now. She felt powerless, because she didn't know much about how the business worked. The only thing in her power was to go and talk to Alice, given the relationship they had shared before.

"No, Mom. You shouldn't. Arthur is determined to make us suffer, so there's no use talking to his mother. It will only give them more reasons to laugh at us."

Lionel had decided not to admit defeat to Arthur. His pride wouldn't let him. Ever since they were both little, he'd been better than Arthur in every way imaginable. However, things had changed now. Truth was, the Tang Group wasn't capable of competing with the Dawn Star Group. But it was very hard for Lionel to accept it.

"But, Lionel, don't you see your father's condition? It just makes me so sad to see him lying there like lifeless..."

Jill couldn't even finish her sentence. She was at the verge of crying again. Horace's health worried her every second. His condition had worsened. Rufus's hatred towards him was like a sharp knife piercing through his heart. She was afraid Horace wouldn't make it if things went badly for Tang Group.

"Mom, please don't worry. Trust me. I will think of another way,"

Lionel tried to comfort Jill, as his face was frowned.

"Or...maybe we can go talk to Rufus again?"

Jill suggested hesitantly. After all these days of suffe

is, despite the proofs. But he couldn't change the facts. Cassandra too held strong feelings for Rufus. That was why she had refused Lionel so many times, which really frustrated him.

But the matter now was about his family business. Dawn Star Group wasn't willing to let them go. Besides, other people on the board of directors also wanted to snatch the power now that Horace was ill. If Tang Group didn't survive this external and internal attack, they would lose everything.

"What has Cassandra done to you? Why are you and Rufus both so obsessed with her? It's simply beyond me!"

Jill almost screamed, full of disdain. Like most people in G City, she too thought Cassandra was a woman with loose morals. She had hooked up with Rufus while she was still married to Lionel. Now Rufus was with Amanda, and she still wouldn't let go of him.

"Mom, you don't have to meet her. I will talk to her myself and ask her to persuade Rufus. After that, we'll go to him directly and apologise for whatever happened before and try to make him come back to help save the Tang Group,"

Lionel said, kneading Jill's shoulders. He sounded confident and determined. This was the only remaining way. He just hoped Jill would support him and stop worrying about it.

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