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   Chapter 414 A Hypocritical Jerk

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Seeing the determination in her eyes, Lionel was convinced that Cassandra had indeed changed. She was a different woman than before.

She was now calmer, more sensible and tactful.

"You have changed so much, Cassandra,"

Lionel muttered, looking at her in blank amazement.

"People change. That's natural. I wish you'd catch up and mature as well,"

Cassandra said, putting much weight on her words. Lionel's unwillingness to give her up tired her out.

"Cassandra, I love you, I really do. Ivy plotted against you and put you in a bad light. I thought you pushed her downstairs. Had I known the truth, I would not have made the impulsive decision to divorce you,"

Lionel explained. Cassandra, though, did not care for the past anymore. Going back to it did not interest her.

"It's all over, Lionel. It's time to forget the past and look forward. Now, you have a heavy burden upon you. You should consider my suggestion,"

Cassandra said with finality and then turned to leave. The coffee on the table was still steaming hot when they arrived. And by the time Cassandra left, it was warm and untouched.

Lionel thought about Cassandra's words carefully as he watched the coffee turn cold, little by little.

What he did not realize was that someone was watching him. He followed him in the dark and secretly took pictures of him and Cassandra using his mobile phone.

It was a sick habit of the people in this city. They liked to spread gossip about each other. Deception and fraud were part of their culture and no one really knew when the light would come.

Ivy squinted at the video and pictures Joel sent her as a sinister smile curled at the corners of her mouth.

"So Lionel is still unwilling to give up Cassandra?"

Ivy smiled disdainfully. She could not believe that he actually indulged himself with the fantasy that Cassandra would come back and marry him again.

"I think so. My friend followed him all the way but Cassandra refused him,"

Leo said as he looked at Cassandra's image lustfully. Greed filled his eyes as he looked at her with desire.

Cassandra's stunning face made Joel swallow.

"Can you get more of the drugs you used before?"

Ivy asked suddenly, confusing him.

"What drugs?"

Joel didn't know what Ivy was talking about. He was puzzled.

"Don't pretend! Didn't you drug Cassandra before?"

Ivy glared at her brother. Lines of displeasure marred her attractive face.

"Oh yes! My friend has it.

He knows the source," Joel replied.

"Get some for me. I need it. It will be of great help,"

Ivy said, wearing an expression that marked im

door and felt stressed out.

The servant was given by Clark. In Cassandra's eyes, it was very likely that she was Clark's spy. Even if Clark didn't live here, he knew everything that was going on in this house.

What a scheming and merciless man he was!

"Don't focus too much on me. Spend time with Clark. Make sure you communicate. You're not young anymore and I'm in poor health. You know, I might die at any time. I want to attend your wedding before I go,"

Edith said sadly. Sorrow began to well up as she burst into convulsive sobs.

Edith's emotional instability worried Cassandra. When she left the hospital, the doctor specially told Cassandra that she must have a good rest to avoid violent mood swings. Because of this, Cassandra did her best not to mention Clark to her in hopes that this would help her recover from her illness.

However, Edith became even moodier after she fell sick. She was always worried about Cassandra's marriage and often cried, so her illness aggravated.

"Mom, don't worry about me. Marriage is made in heaven. Nothing forcibly done is going to be agreeable. I can't just marry some random guy on the street,"

Cassandra joked to amuse Edith. In response, Edith just stared at her.

"Don't talk nonsense. I like Clark, not some guy on the street. I want him to be my son-in-law," she said.

Edith liked Clark so much that she persisted in convincing Cassandra that he was good for her.

In Edith's mind, Clark was a gentle and considerate man who took good care of her. She trusted him and treated him as if he were her own son.

Cassandra sighed inwardly. If Edith found out that Clark wasn't who he really was, and that he was a very hypocritical jerk, would she be able to take it?

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