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   Chapter 413 They Can't Hurt Me

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Both Jill's and Lionel's hearts sank when they saw Cassandra.

Still, Jill managed to collect herself. With a condescending look, she snorted as she looked at Cassandra. Then, she turned and got into the car.

"Why are you here?"

It had been a long time since they last saw each other. Lionel was curious about what Cassandra was doing in front of Rufus's house.

"I live next door," she replied with an indifferent look, pointing at the villa next to it.

Lionel, however, assumed that the next house was still Rufus's property. Like his mom, he snorted and remarked, "Are you still with him? He's already engaged to Amanda. Why would you rather be his mistress than be my wife?"

Lionel said spitefully. Cassandra, however, only looked at him with a light frown but no longer bothered to reply.

"Find a time. We need to talk,"

she managed to say calmly, hiding her anger caused by what Lionel said. She had to ignore his abrasive words.

"Lionel, what are you doing out there? Get in the car! Don't talk to such a whore!"

Jill said as she stuck her head out of the window and looked at Cassandra with contempt.

The relationship between Cassandra, Rufus, and Lionel had turned into such a huge scandal in G City before. Because of this, Jill disliked her. Now, seeing that she still had contact with Rufus disgusted her even more.

"I am working in Lyndsy's studio now. Come and talk to me when you have time. We need to talk about Rufus,"

Cassandra said in a low voice to avoid being heard by Jill. She preferred to talk to Lionel about it than Jill who hated her so much.

Lionel raised his head and saw her face. She was still as beautiful as before. But somehow, she was different now.

Was it because she was calmer? No, that was not the reason. She was always calm but distant.

Lionel assessed Cassandra's sincerity with furrowed brows. Despite her alluring beauty, she still felt very distant.

She had grown more and more mature. Not to mention, it made her...sexier. With her new aura, he felt very drawn to her.

Seeing that his mother was present, Lionel merely got to reply with a nod. He knew that there would be more problems if she saw him still talking with Cassandra. So, he turned around, got into the car, and ordered the driver to go their way.

After watching the car disappear into the distance, Cassandra looked back at Rufus's villa once again.

Seeing the way Rufus treated his father and the Tang family as a whole while all these were happening gave her mixed feelings.

Horace was Rufus's father no matter how people looked at it. She did not want Rufus to be seen as an ungrateful and obnoxious son. That was an atrocious rejection of tradition.

Hopefully, her suggestion would work and Lionel would accept it.

Cassandra looked at the closed door again and then turned around to leave. Rufus, on the other hand, who had been standing behind the curtains, squinte

gard him as family.

"Well, forget it. I was only trying to help, but like I said, I won't force you to do anything that you don't want to do. Bye!"

Cassandra said as she stood up and turned to leave. Lionel was surprised and reached out to grasp her hand.

"Wait, Cassandra. I'm not done yet!" he called.

It was very rare to get Cassandra to talk to him and Lionel was not about to let her go so easily.

"What is it?"

Cassandra quickly withdrew her hand from Lionel's grip and looked at him with alarmed eyes.

"Don't get yourself involved in their affairs, please. He has already engaged to Amanda. Why are you still seeing and staying with him? Why would you prefer to be his mistress than to be my wife?"

Lionel blurted out with a worried expression.

"It's none of your business who I'm seeing and staying with. I'm talking to you here to solve a problem. Now that you refused my proposal, I'm done here. There's nothing else we need to discuss,"

Cassandra answered. In her heart, the word 'mistress' pained her. It felt as if her heart was pricked by a needle.

Still, she kept it to herself and bit her lower lip. She thought it was best not to argue with Lionel anymore to avoid any more hurtful words.

"Marry me again, Cassandra. I've already broke up with Ivy. I promise you, she will never hurt you again,"

Lionel urged as he tried to stop her. He did not want her to go without telling her how he felt.

A sad smile appeared on Cassandra's lips. Why did men always act like this? They would only promise to be good after hurting the ones they loved so badly?

Rufus did it, Lionel did it as well. They were indeed brothers.

"People I don't care about cannot hurt me no matter what they do. They may hurt my body but they will never hurt my heart. I'm not afraid of Ivy. She can't hurt me and neither can you,"

Cassandra took a deep breath and said coolly as she looked at Lionel with calm, peaceful eyes.

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