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   Chapter 412 He Won't Help Us

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Cassandra eyed Clark with curiosity. A person came to her mind. It was Rufus.

Clark had his own secrets kept, and so did Rufus. How could she deal with these two men? Cassandra was at her wit's end.

"Get some rest. Your mother will be discharged after a few days. I'll arrange for someone to care for her."

Clark had calmed himself down and promptly changed the subject. His eyes relaxed and reverted back to his gentle self.

Cassandra stopped in thought for a few seconds and suggested in a questioning tone, "I'd like to send my mother back to the Qin house. I'll find a good nurse on my own. The North District is far from downtown. The air there is way fresher."

She lowered her head when she said this, her eyelashes moving ever so slightly in an attempt to conceal her true intentions.

"Well, I say that would be inconvenient. You work nearby, right? If she stays here, you can keep her company after work. Isn't that nice?"

Clark's expression remained unchanged. A subtle frown etched on the corners of his mouth, looking like he was only thinking of Cassandra's situation.

"I'll visit her every week. Even better, my sister will be coming home in the coming holiday. She can stay with her at home. I can't just ask my sister to live here with you. It's kinda awkward for you to stay under the same roof,"

Cassandra emphasized carefully. Ever since Rufus warned her, she had been worried that she wouldn't be able to get rid of Clark. Now, she had the perfect opportunity since Cloris was scheduled to come back soon. She felt that the longer she stayed here with Clark, the more difficult it would be to escape. She would be in the mire herself.

Cassandra had a horrible gut feeling. She couldn't just act boldly because Clark was a cautious man. He had even drugged her secretly. So she wouldn't go ahead and risk her family's life just to irk him. The most important thing right now was to get her mother out of this house.

"Why not? There are a ton of empty rooms in this house. Of course she can stay,"

Clark said with an easy smile and a gentle tone.

Then he continued, "If you think that it's inappropriate for me and your sister to stay under one roof, I can move out and just stay at the hotel instead."

Clark had made an unrefusable offer. He just wouldn't let Cassandra go.

He took Cassandra's hesitation as a sign of her not wanting to trouble him by staying at the house any longer than necessary. So he was trying to be considerate and compromise.

"Cassandra, I would never consider you and your mother a burden. The important thing right now is we take good care of your mother and keep her in good condition. Right?"

Clark uttered the comforting words. However, in Cassandra's eyes, he had a hidden agenda. He wanted to keep her and her family all in one house.

Cassandra was afraid that Clark would start asking more questions or even hurt her if she insisted on moving out. She

save the group and you want me to do it? Then why did you claim that I've embezzled the fifty million? Is that how you ask me to save the company?"

Rufus had never planned to bring up the issue, but it was Lionel who attacked him. He could only fight back.

"I admit...that wasn't the best course of action. But we didn't expect you to leave at such a critical time. I only took the position of president temporarily!"

Lionel struggled to keep up. However, Rufus merely jeered, "Was I born to serve you?"

Rufus glared at him icily.

Jill and Lionel had planned to accost Rufus by coming here. But the tables had swiftly turned. Now both of them had run out of ammunition.

Then Rufus glared at them, and threw his hands up in the air.

"Just leave if you've said your piece. This is my home, and not the house of the Tang. I won't let you in the next time you fiends show up!"

After saying his words, he turned around swiftly, went into the house and shut the front door with a bang.

The sound made Jill and Lionel wince.

Jill's courage came flooding back the moment Rufus was gone. She then started to bang the door with her fists and continued to taunt Rufus, "Rufus! You will be miserable after what you've done to your family! You cold-blooded monster! You'll never be the son of the Tang family!"

Jill shouted frantically. She even kicked the gates out of rage.

Lionel hugged Jill from behind and whispered with a low voice, "Mother, let's leave. He won't help us."

Lionel was ashamed. He would rather leave as fast as possible than spend another second at this place.

He took her hand and dragged her out. Jill slowly followed, but kept cursing at Rufus. When they got out of the gate, Lionel saw a familiar figure by the sidewalk.

He raised his head to get a clearer view. Both Lionel and Jill turned speechless when they recognized the face.

It was Cassandra. She was standing before them with a peaceful expression.

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