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   Chapter 411 The Two Men In Common (Part Two)

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His mother was just such an elegant and charming woman, from a good family; she was left with no choice but to go through life miserably after she met Horace, who thought she would get in his way. Moreover, he decided to leave her even though she was already carrying his baby. As if that wasn't bad enough, her father even disowned her and drove her out of his home, forcing her to change her surname.

She lived a solitary life without asking for anybody's help, and then Rufus came along. In the last few years of her life, she had gotten afflicted with a severe illness brought about by her long periods of hard work and overfatigue. Thereafter, she lost her consciousness and had been bedridden ever since for the years to come until finally succumbing to her illness and passing away.

Over those years, Rufus would patiently sit at the bedside of his mother all throughout the afternoon, watching as the dust drifting through the sunbeams peeking over the window. Of course, his mother, although losing color on her skin, was the spitting image of the holiest of angel in his eyes if he ever saw one.

But the angel had been forced to plummet straight into hell because she had her wings clipped by Horace, a wretched devilish man.

Rufus immediately sat up on his bed and pressed down his temples with his fingers. The sight of Horace plunging down in the daytime was still so fresh in his mind as if it had happened just now.

Horace's originally stocky physique had wilted away little by little. His aspirations, not to mention his spirits, were being drained bit by bit.

His intelligence had withered as he grew older, and Lionel, on the other hand, the son he chose to focus on and spend so much effort in cultivating, couldn't even give him the tiniest bit of a sense of security.

In a bout of poetic justice, only the son who had been born out of wedlock, whom he had almost shoved into the depths of hell, had

hile now, but I won't be holding it back anymore if you don't mind. I've always known where he lives, but I try to avoid him for my mother's sake."

Cassandra then proceeded to sip some water to moisten up her throat.

"It's just a coincidence, Cassandra. I swear. You're just overthinking things."

Clark still managed to be nonchalant about it, smiling as though Rufus's living next door had nothing to do with him at all.

Cassandra knew full well that she'd only be wasting her breath if she tried to pry into it any further. As expected, there was no way in hell Clark would ever admit it.

"Clark, I remember you mentioning your father once before. He has never been much of a father figure to you, hasn't he? Let alone, as the man of the house in your family,"

she blatantly asked, with her thoughts somewhat drifting toward Rufus's father, Horace. In that aspect, Rufus and Clark seemed to have shared something in common.

Clark's expression changed drastically upon hearing her query. Displeasure and disgust were raging deep in his eyes.

"My father, you say? That asshole isn't worthy of being called a father!" he roared furiously.

That was surprising. Both of them, Clark and Rufus, really did share the same sentiment regarding their respective fathers.

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