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   Chapter 410 The Two Men In Common (Part One)

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Never in his life had Rufus ever seen this side of his mother. From what he could remember since childhood, she had always preoccupied with something, always strict but with a touch of tenderness to him.

For innumerable times, little Rufus watched as she ever so slightly straightened her body and stretched out her arms to the back. He noticed how exhausted she'd appeared to be whenever she thought that he wasn't looking; else, she would always make it a point to look gleeful and lively.

For as long as he could remember, she had always been such a stubborn mother; yet at this moment, she seemed to be the most beautiful and majestic pianist as well, serenading all of them through her melodic music with such grace.

The soothing and sweet-sounding notes bounced and danced around on the keys, spreading all throughout the air of the store.

Her play might have already concluded, but the storekeeper was still dumbstruck and in awe of the plainly dressed woman who had just played such a magnificent piece of beautiful music for him to bask in, looking as if he was peering much deeper into her delicate face.

"Bravo! That was a very spectacular performance!"

An unusual voice exclaimed from out of nowhere, succeeded by an enthusiastic applause. Rufus trailed where the voice was coming from and realized it was actually from the customer who played on the piano just a couple of minutes prior.

Astonishment and admiration had been written all over his face. Gazing upon his mother, little Rufus was so deep in thought for it was something he truly wasn't quite expecting.

His mother carefully stood up from her seat with an air of silent regality. Then she shifted her gaze over to the owner and said, "Sir, would you please apologize to my son this instant?"

Protecting her son's pride was the sole reason she resorted to doing this. Her perfect posture was akin to that of a queen.

The man was still caught inside the trance of the melody even until now. His face suddenly flushed red with disco

a visit. His mother, brushing his hair, gave him a simple response, "My good boy, the only thing I wish for is for my Rufus to grow up and have a happy and healthy life. There's nothing in this world which can compare to that."

Her voice was as smooth and endearing as ever, much like the most pleasant piece of music.

Once he got older, Rufus finally realized that his mother had actually turned the man down because of him.

She would rather endure all the bitterness and hardships life could bring on her own than put her son in a position that would risk his happiness and well-being.

His mother had made a lot of sacrifices for him. Both her youth and beauty could not stand the test of time. The only thing that could never falter in her lifetime was the love she had for her son.

In an instant, Rufus suddenly opened his eyes. He reached for the corners of his eyes to wipe the tears dry. He woke up from a pleasant yet bitter dream.

In his dream, his mother was still next to him, and her warmth even felt so real, making him feel like it wasn't a dream at all.

Eventually, he got to know Amanda, a girl who also knew how to play the piano quite well, having the same talent as her mother. During the time he spent with her, he would always be reminded of that day where his mother gracefully played the piano at the store.

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