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   Chapter 409 The Lady Playing The Piano

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Horace's heart sank, feeling the weight of his cold glare. Rufus's words hit home. Still, he was determined not to give in just yet.

"Your mother didn't tell me she was pregnant. If I had known, there was no way I would have abandoned her!"

he answered to his defense. He looked back at Rufus, outraged for receiving a groundless accusation.

"You're not fooling anyone. Had she told you, I would have already been dead!"

Rufus sneered with disdain. How he wished he could kill the man in front of him right now. Remembering what Michelle had told him, he was filled with so much hatred. It made him so hungry for revenge.

"Don't talk nonsense! You are my son, and I wouldn't let you die!"

Horace's face darkened. Rufus's words felt like daggers to his chest. He did not know where they all came from.

"Really? Why don't you go home and ask your wife? My mother was pregnant so she went to the Tang family residence to tell you. But your wife, Jill, stopped her. She did not allow her to enter the premises and drove her away, even sending some men to tail after her. My mother ran for her life. She almost got a miscarriage! She then realized that telling you about my existence was impossible. Later, as if her misfortunes were not enough, her family disowned her so she was forced to fend for herself. That was when she gave birth to me. She raised me on her own and never contacted you because you disappointed her. At that time, Jill was your priority. You let her move in with you in the Tang family home, while you left nothing for my mother, even when she was pregnant. Moreover, you had her kicked out by my grandfather. She lived a hard life all because of you!"

Rufus clenched his fists, trying hard to resist his urge to hit him.

Horace, on the other hand, grew even more serious.

"Jill never told me about this. I didn't even know that this happened. If I had known that I had a son, I would have never let your mother suffer so much,"

Horace replied. Pity showed in his eyes as he wondered about the kind of life she lived. It must have been difficult. She did not deserve that. She was such a tender woman. He had been living in his mansion oblivious to all that happened, until now.

"Stop pretending to be sorry, Horace! You two have shared the same bed for so many years. How is it possible that you don't know what kind of person she is? You didn't want to face my mother. That was why you sent Jill to fend her off, instead. Am I right?"

Rufus shot, addressing him by name. His message was clear. Horace was not his father and he was tired of pretending otherwise.

"How dare you talk to me like that! I am your father no matter what happens!"

Horace boomed sternly. Now, he realized how futile his efforts were. Rufus would never yield to him and he would never go back and help the Tang Group to pull through.

Now, he also understood why Rufus and Jill never got along, and why Rufus resigned and left the company so easily. He didn't care about Tang Group at all.

"Is this your decision? You will just walk away? Tang Group will perish!"

Horace asked, fixing his eyes at Rufus as he held his crutch tightly. The tension of the moment made

he shiny piano keys with his filthy fingerprints. The keys were so immaculate that one could even see his own reflection on them.

Later, his mother found him wandering in the store and immediately ran towards him in her plain clothes.

"Why did you come in, Rufus? Let's go," she said.

Then, she pulled his arm to lead him out.

"Teach your kid not to touch things that don't belong to him. Just because you don't have money, doesn't mean you're allowed not to have manners. Can you even play the piano? Can you even afford it? Pfft..."

The storekeeper continued to say with contempt as they left. Rufus was embarrassed. He did not really touch the keys, though. Despite his age, he knew his limits. Still, the humiliation hurt him.

His mother, however, who was always kind and preferred to keep a low-profile, did something unexpected. She turned around and said something stern to the man while keeping a gentle smile on her face.

"Will you apologize to my son if I can play the piano? He didn't break them. He even didn't touch them. You are not supposed to say such things,"

the mother said as she looked at the storekeeper with confident eyes.

The man did not seem to believe her, thinking that she was bluffing. Arrogantly, he dared, "Hum, go ahead! Show me!"

To him, it was impossible for such a poor woman to know how to play the piano.

Rufus's mother took a deep breath, let go of his hand, walked towards a piano, and sat down on the music stool.

She stretched her hands. They were calloused and dry from work, yet, her fingers were slender and long.

She pressed some keys to tune the piano. The storekeeper laughed at her at the broken tunes.

The next moment, however, his mother's fingers began to dance on the black and white keys like a nimble bird flying in the forest.

An elegant melody came out from her fingers. Rufus's eyes widened in surprise as he stared at his mother in disbelief. He could not believe what was happening in front of him!

The storekeeper was stunned as well. His mouth fell in his surprise.

What she was playing was actually a very difficult piece!

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