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   Chapter 408 Horace's Request

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Cassandra returned to the patient ward and sat at Edith's bedside. Her mother was still unconscious. Yet, discomfort was visible in her face. While her body was relaxed, her eyebrows remained creased. Looking at her made Cassandra pain.

How could Clark do such a thing? It all dawned on her now: the kindness he showed them was nothing but a mask to hide his true intentions.

Gazing at Edith in silence, Cassandra fell into deep thought.

Suddenly, the door opened. Clark entered the room bringing with him bags of food. Its aroma immediately filled the room.

"Hey, Cassandra. Are you hungry? Here, you should eat something,"

he said as he handed her a pack of sushi. With the way Cassandra stared into space, Clark could tell that she was very preoccupied with the situation. It was likely that taking care of herself was her last priority.

The salmon wrapped with rice and seaweed looked very appetizing. Still, Cassandra did not have an appetite.

"Just put it there. I'm not hungry. I'll eat later,"

she replied indifferently, without even giving him so much as a glance.

He stood awkwardly, at a loss on how to respond. For a few seconds, he just looked at her. Frowning, he finally managed to find an answer.

"If you don't eat, you'll drain your energy. You still need to take care of your mother. But you won't be able to do that if you don't eat anything."

Without looking too much into Cassandra's coldness, he decided to believe that her indifference was because of her growing concern for Edith's condition.

"I really don't feel like eating. I'm not hungry," she said with finality.

Turning to look at her mother, she did her best to keep her anger hidden. In her mind, Cassandra still struggled to grasp the reality that Clark's invisible hand was above all this. Suddenly, she found it difficult to breathe. It felt as if the air was trapped in her lungs, unable to go out.

Who else could she blame but herself? It was her fault. She trusted the wrong person and fell into his trap.

He had drugged her to damage her throat. He managed to get Edith ill and be hospitalized. What other forms of evil could he possibly be capable of? She couldn't even imagine!

However, she also knew that getting rid of him would not be that easy. If he had the audacity to carry out his sinister plan right under her nose, he must know what he was doing. He had no fear of getting caught.

"Cassandra, please take care of yourself. I understand that you're worried, but you need to lighten up. I've asked the doctor for advice. Auntie needs to take a good rest. Just allow her to stay here while she recovers. As for her show, maybe it's best if she takes a break for now so she can be free from any disturbance,"

he said, feigning sincerity. His suggestion seemed to make sense.

Cassandra was silent but her thoughts were quite the opposite.

Despite his obvious involvement in Edith's situation, he still managed to put up such a good, concerned front. He was so caring and patient that one would not even suspect him to be evil. Had it not been for Rufus's advice, she would have fallen into his trap even deeper.

As for Clark, he took Cassandra's silence as sorrow. He put a hand on her shoulder and said to reassure her, "Please don't tire yourself too much

Still, Horace knew that he was at a vulnerable position. Humility and sincerity were his best weapons to convince his son to come back.

"The Tang Group is yours and Lionel's, so is the Tang family. They will never become mine. I've never wanted it anyway,"

Rufus said as he waved his hand dismissively.

Tang Group had been in a dire situation, mainly because of Lionel's stupidity. Now, it was on the brink of collapse, but Horace, despite being capable of managing the company, could not take over for Lionel because of his health conditions.

'How could Rufus not understand that?' the poor old man thought.

Rufus, though, had already seen through Horace. He found his acting ridiculously amusing.

'What a hypocrite! Disgusting!' Rufus thought.

"Rufus, the Dawn Star Group is about to eat us alive. How about this, will you please come back to help your brother?" Horace asked.

Realizing that his efforts geared towards asking Rufus to return to be part of the family were futile, he decided that it was best to tell him what he wanted upfront. After all, he was desperate. The Tang Group was about to meet its end should they fail to survive this. At this rate, it was highly likely that they would die off in the competition against the Dawn Star Group.

"Why would I care about that?"

Rufus simply replied, unbothered by Horace's efforts to put on a show.

Having read the indifference in Rufus's response, Horace realized that the conversation wasn't going anywhere. In his frustration, he struck the ground heavily with his walking stick.

"Rufus! You… You are so disobedient! I am your father! I am here to ask a favor from you! How can you reject me? Have you got any morality? Do you even see my as your father?"

When Horace raised his voice in the Tang family residence, everyone listened intently. There, he was the highest authority, almost like a dictator. His requests and opinions were taken with high regard. This, however, did not work with Rufus.

"Morality? When you've abandoned your wife and your son, did you consider morality?" Rufus sneered.

Then, the smile on his face vanished and his face turned ice cold as if signaling an impending storm.

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