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   Chapter 407 Drown Him With Misfortune

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There was fire in Rufus's eyes. He could not believe what was happening.

"You can't do that,"

Rufus said furiously as his grip on Cassandra's wrist tightened.

"Rufus, you're being ridiculous. I expected more from you. Right now, you are just acting like a spoiled brat! You show up when it pleases you and before I know it, you're gone without so much as a goodbye. Where were you when I needed you? Whenever I asked for an explanation, you never gave me one. Instead, you decided to keep your secrets and keep me in the dark. What the hell were you thinking?"

Cassandra glared at Rufus, mustering all the courage she had to finally speak her mind. Finally saying all these things felt like a huge weight was lifted off her shoulders.

Rufus looked at her, dumbstruck as he slowly realized Cassandra's image of him: complicated and suspicious.

As it turned out, she saw Rufus as a jerk.

He came and went as he pleased without even considering how she must have felt. Because of him, her life became full of uncertainty. He never gave her a stable life or a promising future.

"Cassandra, I am doing this for your own good,"

Rufus said. There was hesitation in his voice, possibly brought about by Cassandra's face that was red with rage. She seemed absolutely fed up with the situation.

"For my own good? You want to do something for my own good? Let me give you a very good suggestion: Disappear from my life for good and leave me be!"

Cassandra shouted as she broke free from Rufus's grip, turned, and walked away.

She had had enough of the drama. She did not want to put up with Rufus's childish whims anymore. His actions did not make sense to her. There seemed to be a huge disconnection between the mature and independent image he portrayed in public and the childish and unreasonable way he acted when he was with her.

But Rufus was not about to let her get away so easily. He grabbed her shoulders and pulled her into his arms.

Cassandra struggled as Rufus slowly looked straight at her face. Staring straight into her eyes, he decided to tell her the truth.

"Fine, I will tell you what I am doing," he started.

His eyes seemed to say so many things. Cassandra could almost feel his thoughts buzzing. Finally realizing the significance of the moment, she stopped struggling and lifted her head to look back at him.

"As a child, my mother told me that my father was dead. It was only a dozen years ago that I learned he was still alive,"

he narrated, looking deep into Cassandra's eyes. Cassandra stood still and listened to him quietly.

"When I did, I turned into a problem child overnight, from being a straight-A student. I started to miss all of my classes. Everyone worried about me and didn't know what to do. My mother could not stop crying. I blamed her for giving birth to me. I told her that she should have had an abortion instead of having me and giving me a life without a father."

The hallway was empty and the light was dim. Rufus's voice was the only thing that could be heard apart from the deafening silence.

"When my mother fell ill with a serious disease, my aun

ars, he had wanted nothing but to take Horace down. He was not going to give up.

Cassandra took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. She was sure that there had to be another way and she was determined to find out what it was.

"I want to check on my mother. She has to stay in the hospital for a while,"

Cassandra suddenly realized, and then she turned to leave.

"Don't you sense something strange?"

Rufus said as he furrowed his brows. Cassandra stopped. Slowly, she turned around and looked at Rufus, confused.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

Truth be told, she did have a bad feeling in her gut about the situation. What Rufus said seemed to have confirmed that it was not something she was only imagining.

"It couldn't be a coincidence. Right after I arranged for your mother to leave, she fell ill. Do you think Clark did it again, like what he did to your voice?"

Rufus said suspiciously as he touched his jaw in thought.

Cassandra's heart sunk. Her face suddenly turned gloomy.

If it were Clark, then clearly he didn't want Edith to leave.

"Don't worry. Your mother is currently safe here in the hospital. Clark won't be able to touch her. For now, just pretend that you don't know anything. I'll do my best to figure things out as soon as possible," he replied.

Seeing her pale face, Rufus felt sorry for Cassandra. Now that she was Clark's target, the people around her were also at risk.

"What happened between you and Clark? Did you fight because of business?"

Cassandra asked, frowning at Rufus. She did not mind being in a dangerous situation if it was to protect Rufus. Now that her family was involved, however, that was a different story. If anyone hurt her family, she would not be able to forgive herself. She could not afford to put them at risk.

"I bet he has seen me as a pest for as long as I can remember. To be honest, I never took him seriously. Now that he's coming at you, however, let's just see what he gets,"

Rufus replied with squinted eyes. Clark had started the fight and he was not about to sit back and do nothing.

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