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   Chapter 406 Edith Was In Hospital

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 10876

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"Sure, you rarely have a day off! Do you need to ask for official leave?"

Edith hadn't been out shopping with Cassandra in a very long time and she missed it. Now that Cassandra brought it up, she was excitedly looking forward to it.

"That's all right. I just have to tell Lyndsy. Now that Stella is there, everything will be alright. You don't need to worry."

She just hoped that Edith could soon leave this place. Lately, she had been having a very bad feeling even though everything seemed calm. She intuitively felt that something was lurking beyond the horizon and it made her anxious.

"Did I hear that Cassandra has a day off tomorrow? Would you like my company?"

Clark interrupted them as he walked inside the room and overheard their conversation.

"Yeah, that's a good idea, Clark. I am going to visit my daughter and I need to buy some things tomorrow!"

As soon as Edith saw Clark, her face broke into a smile.

Clark was startled at her words but he immediately composed himself and feigned ignorance. The corners of his lips lifted.

"Really? Then you need to be well prepared, Auntie Edith. You haven't seen your little daughter in a very long time, right?"

Cassandra noticed a flash in his eyes as she watched him speaking but she wasn't sure if she was reading too much into it.

Clark's eyes turned cold and calculative, abruptly and easily.

"Yeah, I haven't seen her in a long time. In fact, she looks quite like Cassandra!"

Edith's face wore a soft and gentle look when she spoke of her daughters. The older she got, the more she cherished them.

"Really? Then I'm worried that I might mistake her for Cassandra when I get to meet her,"

Clark joked, knowing fully well how to get on Edith's good side. The smile on his face grew bigger.

But Cassandra didn't find it amusing. She was wary of Clark and even though she felt that her own mind was playing tricks on her. She just knew that there must be something hiding behind Clark's smile.

Ever since she learnt about him, she had started to scrutinize his every move. She found his behaviour very strange and couldn't help but wonder why he behaved so generously in the presence of her and Edith.

He seemed to care about her a lot, and was also very patient and gentle with Edith. Clark never acted powerful nor dominating before them. He listened to them and seemed to have their best interests at heart. In fact, he treated Edith and Cassandra like his own family.

If Cassandra hadn't noticed any inconsistencies, she would still have looked at him with grateful eyes. She would have continued believing that he really was a kind man who loved her very much. But now, all she did was anticipate his next move.

His entry into her life was too coincidental. He was too infallibly good to her. It wasn't normal. 'What the hell is he trying to do?'

The next day, when Cassandra got up, she was surprised to find that Edith still wasn't up. Normally, Edith woke up before her and always had breakfast ready for both of them. This routine had always remained unchanged.

Suddenly, a thought struck Cassandra. She immediately ran to her mother's room. She opened the door to find Edith, her face pale, lying on the bed in a very uncomforta

Clark was rigid and clearly, he wasn't willing to let her go. Cassandra just couldn't get his hand off her, so she tolerated it.

"Cassandra, I really don't know what to do now. Can you tell me how I can win your heart?"

His tone was so helpless and desperate. If Cassandra hadn't suspected his true motives, she would have surely fallen for him by now.

"Mr. Ji, please let go of me. We are in public."

She tried to avoid Clark's question. There were a lot of people in the hospital and Cassandra was at great discomfort at being held by Clark.

Clark stared at her for another moment before slowly letting go of her hand.

"I am leaving now. Take good care of your mother."

With these words, he looked at Cassandra with anguish. Then he turned around and left.

Only when Clark completely disappeared from Cassandra's eyes could she finally feel her body relax.

'Gosh! Why does Clark always make me feel so nervous? Yes, I also feel nervous when I'm close to Rufus. But Clark always succeeds in making me feel uncomfortable.'

She felt depressed, afraid and also suspicious of the man.

Cassandra let out a long sigh before turning around to walk back into the hospital room. But as soon as she turned around, her hand was grabbed by someone again.

A big and strong hand grabbed her wrist and the person dragged her all the way along the corridor to the staircase.

"Rufus, what are you doing ?"

Cassandra knew, in her heart, that it was Rufus. She struggled but just couldn't get free. There was no one in the dimly-lit staircase. Cassandra had no idea why Rufus was here.

"Why did you let him hold your hand?"

Rufus's words dripped with jealousy as he recalled the way Clark held Cassandra's hand a few moments ago. He so badly wanted to punch Clark in the face then take Cassandra away just now. But he just had to control himself—it was not the right time.

"What? Yeah, I let him hold my hand, so what? I like the way he holds my hand! It's none of your business!"

Cassandra was startled by Rufus's sudden appearance and now was also interrogated by him. She was not in the mood so she deliberately lashed out at him.

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