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   Chapter 405 A Good Way To Please Rufus (Part Two)

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Lines of concern were evidently shown on Charlie's face. He worriedly looked at his daughter, whose face had contrarily brightened up with her eyes shining with excitement.

"What do you mean, Dad?" she asked in surprise. "You mean to imply there is a conflict between Rufus and his father? And... And you predict it might get worse?" she asked inquiringly.

She didn't know much about Rufus. And she had no way of knowing things that he had chosen to hide from her. Now that she thought of it, she recalled he had once reminded her that she should never mention to anyone that he was the chairman of TY Group. She did as he said, but he seemed very adamant hence she didn't have an opportunity to ask him further questions.

Back then, she tried to console herself thinking he said it only because he wanted to keep a low-profile. But now it seemed like things weren't as simple as she had anticipated. 'Are they hiding a big secret from me?' she wondered.

"My dear, you have always been my vulnerable princess. It is my duty to safeguard your pure soul from this ugly world. There are certain things in life that are better left unknown and this fight is one of those things,"

Charlie finished. He couldn't bring himself to explain to Amanda that Rufus was actually waiting to get his revenge. To his fatherly eyes, those dark sides of human beings should be kept hidden from Amanda, forever!

Hearing all this, Amanda secretly pondered for a while. And then she decided to pretend like a good girl before her father. The best thing to do would be to act like she didn't care.

"Oh, if you say so, Dad. Don't worry, I won't contact Rufus anytime soon. I will let him deal with his business for the moment. Is that alright?"

Amanda asked and feigned an innocent face. This filled Charlie's heart with relief.

"Yes, that's my good girl. Now you need to focus on your school. Give your hundred percent in its preparation. And don't forget to take care of yourself. I want nothing more than this, my dear!" Charlie said while patting Amanda on the shoulder.



Cassandra hastened to put Edith's mind at rest. Every word she had uttered was true. She didn't resent Cloris. According to her, Cloris was still a child who could act a bit impulsively at times. And the fact that she had been spoiled might have added to her arrogance. However, she firmly believed her little sister would evolve and mature gradually as she grew up.

"I'm so glad and relieved to hear that. Now I just hope that your father can be released as soon as possible. Once that happens, we can lead a happy life as a family." Edith let out a dreamy smile. "Also, I pray that you find your Mr. right soon enough. That will put our mind at rest!" she added.

Edith couldn't help but lament when recalled how they had sold Cassandra to the Tang family. Cassandra was compelled to marry a man she didn't love at all. Sadly, it all came to nothing in the end.

"Don't trouble yourself with such thoughts. Right now your priority is this trip. I'll go shopping with you tomorrow. We will make sure you are packed with everything you need. Just think about the happy hours you are going to spend with Cloris. And please, don't worry about me. You are free to stay there as long as you like!"

Cassandra changed the topic instantly. She wanted to prevent Edith from continuing further. Otherwise, the worrying mother was bound to nag about her relationship with Clark.

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