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   Chapter 404 A Good Way To Please Rufus (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-07-12 00:09

While Amanda was engrossed in the task of changing water for the flowers, Horace suddenly entered the house.

"It's been a while since I saw you, Amanda. Why don't you come around often?" Horace questioned with a smile. "I heard Lionel mention that the construction of your school is under way. I am guessing you must be tied up at the moment, am I right?"

Horace added. He seemed to be in a very good mood. Amanda looked at him with some embarrassment.

"I'm sorry for not being able to come around often. You are right, Uncle Horace, I've been extremely busy lately. Until today, I wasn't able to manage a day off from work. As soon as I got an opportunity, I intended to meet you. Anyway, here I have wrapped some gifts for you,"

Amanda replied, smiling sweetly. She went ahead and pointed her fingers to the gift boxes lying on the table.

Ever since she got engaged to Rufus, she hadn't paid a visit to the Tang family. In truth, she wanted to meet them, but Charlie always stopped her from doing so.

"You should at least ask Rufus to accompany you. It will seem a bit inappropriate if you visit them alone," Charlie argued.

He had said it deliberately that way, knowing with certainty that Rufus would never agree to it.

Furthermore, the whole engagement story itself was merely a sham. Charlie had asked Rufus for a favor. Together, they had put on a show. Yet they didn't expect it would become such a huge local news. What bothered Charlie the most was the predicament in which the Tang family put them into. Every time Charlie thought about Horace's eagerness to build connections through marriage, a frown appeared on his face.

Horace had planted the seeds of hatred in Rufus's heart a long time ago. Charlie hadn't figured out what was going on in Rufus's mind. Hence he had no idea how the young man would take actions to revenge on his father. In any case, Charlie's biggest concern was Amanda. As a father, he wanted to safeguard her from all the dangers.

It so happened that they were just sorting out the gifts to store away when Horace came to visit today. Indeed, it could help reaffirm the engagement and spare Amanda the embarrassment when t


exclaimed Amanda. She turned her face away from her father as soon as she finished speaking, looking very displeased.

Charlie sighed before sitting down beside his daughter. She could be very headstrong when it came to things concerning Rufus. And now Charlie felt tongue-tied. He was uncertain about the words he had to utter.

"To be honest, dear," he finally said, "I have come to realize you were not ill at all. You lied to me, love. But don't worry, I am not going to scold you for it. I am fully aware that you did it because you really like Rufus. Feigning illness must have seemed like your last resort. I completely understand." Charlie tried to use a soft tone while he spoke. He knew she would feel agitated if he raised his voice. "I'm your father, so I won't back down. I have made up my mind to help you. No matter what I do, your happiness will be of the utmost importance. I can't bear to see you in pain. Now the problem is, Rufus had an argument with his father. And as the days passed, their issue became more and more intense. I can't predict how their relationship is evolving or what may happen between them in the future,"

Charlie said with great earnestness, reaching out to put his arm around Amanda's shoulder.

"So I only wish that you could keep out of this affair. I don't want you to get hurt in this ugly fight. Nobody knows when things will escalate since we can't foresee the development of the conflict."

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