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   Chapter 403 Rufus Changed (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-07-11 17:34

"Cassandra, when I can finally settle all the things that I've come here to accomplish, I'm gonna take you away from here, away from this wretched city. We'll go to any country of your choosing, anywhere you fancy, and then we'll settle down there, wherever that may be, so we could live happily and forget all of the things that happened here. Will you come with me?"

Rufus wrapped his arm around her shoulders and touched the back of her head to push her against his chest.

His powerful heartbeat brought music to her ears. It was unflinching yet soothing at the same time.

Cassandra broke into tears at once and they even got into Rufus's clothes.

Those words had brought music to her ears, and the picture he was painting just felt so real and so enticing. But Cassandra had already been through a lot during their time together. She wasn't sure whether it would be right to give him a chance again or not.

"Please stop crying. I swear I'm gonna make you happy every single day."

Rufus could feel that her shoulders were trembling, so he lifted his hand, caressed her cheek, and wiped off her tears dry.

Then he sealed her lips with his and kissed her passionately, unable to hold it in. Everything bad that had happened seemed to have gotten washed away the second their lips touched, all that was left were their hearts beating like a drum.

If she was being completely honest, the kiss managed to get rid of some of her worries, and so, Cassandra basked in Rufus's warmth, feeling quite relieved. She could tell that her heart was beginning to ease up and beat steadily.

"So, what is your goal right now? Are you waiting for Amanda's full recovery?" Cassandra just couldn't keep it in.

It was obvious that she was quite agitated. If Amanda didn't start to get better any time soon or at all, could that also mean that it was possible for Rufus to keep going along with their stupid act for the remainder of their lives?

They wouldn't even have any opportunities to get married to each other. Would they have to keep hiding from everyone until hell was frozen over?

Taking in

ven as a joke. You need to keep a safe distance from Clark. He is a dangerous man. I'll manage to get your mother to leave without him noticing as soon as possible."

Rufus already had something arranged, but they should stay on the safer side, making sure not to arouse any suspicion from Clark.

The people who were involved in the drug trafficking ring were all ruthless outlaws, so it wouldn't be surprising to Rufus if they were to do something unthinkable. However, if Cassandra ended up getting involved, he would have to think things through.

Pulling up Clark's roots could be a gargantuan task, and apart from that, the man who had been backing him up was such a prominent person in G City. If he got even just a little bit careless with his moves, it could very well end up biting him in his behind, and he could also end up being the one destroyed instead of Clark.

But there was just no way for Cassandra to find out what he was scheming. She kept massaging her arms, which he held with a forceful grip, glaring at him, feeling extremely irritated and tongue-tied. It was just that she had never seen him bearing such a grim look on his face before.

'Rufus, Haven't you noticed that you're no longer as calm and composed as you were back then? You're letting your emotions get the best of you now, but just what is it that makes you look so different in my eyes?' she asked herself.

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