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   Chapter 401 Do I Look Stupid To You (Part Two)

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"I'm sorry, Cassandra! I shouldn't have mentioned it..."

Stella shut her mouth immediately, realizing she had completely disregarded Cassandra's feelings. She would have felt terrible finding out something like that.

"I'm fine. It's nothing. They're all over the news. I already know this."

Cassandra feigned a ghost of a smile on her face bitterly. She tried not to pay attention to news like this, but it was inevitable for her to come across it every now and then.

Whenever it reached her, she smiled speechlessly at the words they used: the Golden boy and Jade girl; the business tycoon and the amazingly talented, beautiful lady; a heaven-made match and whatnot.

All the possible words they could use to describe couples were used to describe Rufus and Amanda. Cassandra simply pretended like she saw nothing and heard nothing. She made herself trust Rufus. However, no matter how much she tried, her belief was always broken by the reality that hit her everywhere she went.

If they were a perfect match, what did that make her? Was she simply Rufus's other woman?

"Cassandra, as your friend, whatever I'm saying is for your own good. Rufus might not be the man you knew anymore and he is definitely lying to you. Please, stop trusting him and move on. If he really cared about you, he wouldn't have been engaged to Amanda. How can you stand this!" Seeing how broken her friend looked, Stella decided to speak her mind.

Rufus was like a fishbone stuck in Cassandra's throat. She was neither able to swallow it nor spit it out. Stella was done supporting her sinking fantasies. She really wanted to shrug her off this dream.

If Cas

urges, he felt content just looking at her.

Cassandra sat in the shadow silently without moving an inch.

Stella had left the door to her office open while leaving. Cassandra had never expected Rufus to show up, especially since she was on the cusp of giving up on him. She had hundreds of questions to ask him, hundreds of things to share with him, but for now, all that mattered was she could simply stare at him and shed a few tears. She, too, like Rufus, was content with that.

She didn't know where to begin. Why had he kept so many things from her? In reality, the company wasn't Jasper's. it was his. Jasper was the chairman of TY Group but yet, not the real boss. Now, he was saying that, he was working for Jasper, trying to hide the truth from her again.

He had promised her he would tell her everything about the things that went on between him and Amanda. She had begun to wonder whether he ever imagined how she felt when he stood next to Amanda so intimately.

She was indeed the woman in the shadow. 'Rufus, I am keeping silent because I trust you. Do I look stupid to you?'

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