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   Chapter 400 Do I Look Stupid To You (Part One)

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"I have no idea who let out this message! But I'm wondering for how long can you conceal the truth, especially when it doesn't even depend upon you? It solely depends on Rufus. If he wants, he can go tell your parents right away. You cannot change the fact that he owns the TY Group, Lionel, no matter how much you shout on me!"

Ivy stated bluntly with a new-found confidence. There was resentment in her face, and her lips tightly pressed together.

"But why would he finally admit it now when he has kept it a secret for such a long time?" Lionel asked.

He was totally confused. He looked at Ivy with squinting eyes, thinking of how she once used to seem beautiful to him. Alas, not anymore.

"Ha! Are you really asking me this? See how the tables have turned! How did we end up in this situation? I remember how you and your parents forced me to leave the Tang house. It's not hard to imagine how you might have kicked out Rufus similarly. Obviously, he revealed this secret as revenge. Don't you regret it? You drove away the God of wealth by your own hands!"

Ivy shrieked with frustration, clenching her teeth. She could never forget the day they kicked her out of the Tang house. She could never forget what Lionel and his father did to her. Both of them were exactly alike. They could step on anybody if they saw any benefits stemming out of it. No wonder Rufus gave up on them.

"Stop talking nonsense, Ivy! If you hadn't asked for the fifty million, I wouldn't have made such an unwise decision in the first place. As a matter of fact, it was you who forced me to kick Rufus out!"

Lionel answered with much vigor, overcompe

or the past few days, not even bothering to give her an explanation. The anxiety was killing her. Only work could help take her mind off it.

"Cassandra, are you still bothered by what Lyndsy said the other day?" Stella asked, suddenly.

She eyed Cassandra with her big, bright eyes, confusingly.

Cassandra made no response. In fact, she was still bothered and was simply waiting for Rufus to give her an explanation. But somehow it felt like he had vanished from the face of earth.

Stella waited for a while for her response, but finally gave up. "Listen to me, Cassandra. Just stop waiting for a reason. He's Amanda's fiance now. I watched the news the other day. Amanda's piano school is under construction. They were together at the spot, and were interviewed afterwards. Amanda's face was beaming with joy as she threw herself onto Rufus. I mean, I don't understand why they have to be so intimate in front of the cameras..."

Stella kept going on and on, and then suddenly saw the expression on Cassandra's face. It looked like she was going to faint, her face as white as snow.

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